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WELCOME to ....

Seattle Art Colony

with artists from near and far

a writer or two

and me the clown

conservatively liberal ordinary wild nonsense

have fun on our site and consider joining up



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    Monday, November 20, 2017

    12:30 PM

    As an art colonist, I agree I am only online via the net as an artist-writer craft or other involvement.

    We do not live together or owe any monies to anyone connected with the Art Colony

    We only pool Art and Writings online via the net.

    We are an online commune in the net only.

    We agree to have a valid email address listed. For the ADMIN to see

    We agree to not cause drama among members

    Please no racist or sexist remarks but not limited to those

    We do accept all art forms and rarely will censor any

    We are an open system where everyone has a voice in how the colony website is set up

    A community of artists.

    Also, writers are free to write about most any concern we are a free writing free speech website.

    Liberals or conservatives are welcome to write

    You may be paid for your art and writings with a special agreement from the board of one Donald. Uploading of content does not always qualify as a paid assignment. You are not guaranteed any monies

    When monies are granted it is assumed in good faith that your writings and artwork are on virtual exhibit on site for the duration of the sites life.

    You may agree to this at anytime before or after any such postings of art or text

    it will be also noted that all art and writings are copyright the artists and a general copyright is understood by the colony for those not copyrighted is granted to each artist in respect.


    Edited by addy

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