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WELCOME to ....

Seattle Art Colony

with artists from near and far

a writer or two

and me the clown

conservatively liberal ordinary wild nonsense

have fun on our site and consider joining up



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    Monies Agreement


    Monies agreement

    Monday, November 27, 2017

    11:47 PM

    Colony Cash is toy play imaginary cash

    It is not real

    it mostly is a token symbol of your effort to post and upload art and writings to the site

    However, you may be paid real cents for each CC point

    The AMOUNT of actual money may vary when judged so by the admin

    You are not guaranteed any money regardless of colony cash

    In most cases you will receive equal or greater rounded up to the nearest dollar amount for your colony cash.  Often you will receive exact cent for CC amount

    You must provide a PayPal or Facebook account to get paid actual cash

    We may, in any case, decide on payment in other forms such as Starbucks card or Amazon cards via email.

    Again we do not guarantee any monies to be paid for any reason

    Any monies paid are considered a gift by the Art Colony

    Monies are usually paid for quality works of ART and Writings

    All transactions are final and do not constitute any further transactions will be made

    The amount of colony cash can be 1 unit per cent of money

    This is not always the case in some instances it may vary to any degree.

    As is understood any written agreement of payment between Admin Addy and the Colonist will be held aside from this agreement in its own right.

    Unusually long writing pieces may require special permission to be paid those usually in the above 1000 words area.

    Once paid for a piece you agree to let it stand on site for the remaining time the site is up and running.

    Reminder, in essence, all work effort you do for the colony is on a voluntary basis and not expecting payment unless first authorized

    Even colony cash may be revoked all or in part at any time for any reason

    Ok finally most of the time you will be paid if possible

    We expect a valid email address to send email cards

    We write this not knowing of all the possibilities and so, therefore, write this with some caution.

    We in all good faith will make payments to individuals for their good works of ART or WRITING or other areas of working for the colony.

    Colony cash from 1CC to 100CC is available for posting to forums and other areas automatically.

    To get more colony cash ask ADDY to read your piece and grade it in CC's Colony Cash

    payouts can happen at any time the ADMIN ADDY sees fit.

    when payments finalize your Colony Cash will be deducted in total.

    leaving you with zero amount

    some members or groups can be banned from use of colony cash for any reason

    Some Groups are given a salary per week a small amount that adds up over the year

    you will not get rich using our system but you may make some coffee money 

    the intent is to award good works with SMALL amounts of cash

    not for persons to think they can get rich on the site that's not going to happen



    Edited by addy

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