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well dang, today was interesting

oh oh kitty cat just sat on my mouse made my screen all fuzzy.


so yeah today was the counslor day.

what a time

he was so very complimentary to me today

said I have a gift of righteousness and holiness

what a high compliment.

also, it could be said I am much more conservative than I think I am.

what else did we go through today?

not much I needed an extra hour really since I mostly did the talking

oh well.

I still think I am very liberal and liberated from the norm more or less.

perhaps to me, that's liberal.

yet i do have great respect for 3500-year-old writings and stories that go much much further back than t hat in my opinion.

the story of Adam and Eve its origins can possibly go way back to cave writings

word of mouth tribe to tribe perhaps is all it was with great revelations happening at that time.

the religion of its time perhaps which might maybe in the throws of polytheist with LET  US and OUR

is it just dual nature of the Trinity?

that's 2 of 3 if you don't mind.











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