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We ARE a Equal Opportunity Explorer 

all Races Nationalities and human beings

all sexes all genders all orientations

LBGQT friendly and Black African Americans are surely welcome and rewarded the same

ALL DOWNTRODDEN are surely welcome here

the masses

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Souls beat as one

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I have not talked to you in what seems like forever but once in awhile I'll cyber stalk your band IG. Even FB I might go in to see just SEE what's up. 

In the year 2010 is when I talked to you. You were barely awake but wanting my voice. It was still and quiet on your end and I asked if you had a roommate. Turns out you did. Your picture was so mysterious and just artsy. I didn't know I would fall and so I did. After awhile you inspired me to do so much. I felt alive again. Then all hell broke loose and you didn't care for me so much anymore. I had to pretend and get your attention I was so desperate. I try to hide but I wanted you to catch me and I did revel myself to you. You told me you were afraid so that hurt me a lot. I didn't want to scare you away. And so I did. Last words were please and Ms. SO I had to see you. I found out you were performing and drove myself out of the way just to get a glimpse of you. I couldn't go in I was too shy and didn't want to offend you. You played an encore to my favorite song that night! I heard it outside the back door. I walked right passed you and did not stare or look your way. Did you smell me.I wore a profusely amount of perfume. Now I just witness you from afar. I granted your wishes and I think it's better this way since you allow to open a few doors open for the public again. 

I wish I could see your life. I wish we were friends. I wish I wasn't such an awkward fucking failure. I'm a piece of shit. I'm sorry for that. You are back in the studio doing your thing was the last I saw of you guys. I cannot wait until I hear new new stuff from you. Sometimes I wonder if you will have a song about what happened or that pyscho bitch. Lately life has just been flying by. It's now 2017! Seven fucking years later! I was thinking of adding you on IG but I respect your wishes and so I will steer clear. 

You are the cream of the crop. I once told you that but you were too modest. You are so intelligent in your ways so Fun and adventurous and English! You are everything I want to be. Someday I will get my shit together like soon and learn from you. Kisses!

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