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perhaps we are all conservatives yet we take the things that are offbeat and outcast at times and propose a better life that is more inclusive of the individuals in a society that is the liberal way



check out the circle smiley mood button tween CREATE and your NIC on the rightish top of the screen.

check a mood ICON such as bug or crab

then live it up with writing up to 75 charectors

whats your mood??? let us all know it


ART is the STAIN of living

you are ART hanging on my MIND

come be ONLINE with ART

for the people by the people

this is your site


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  • ART is the STAIN of LIVING
  • not the news
  • Artists Writers and Clowns wanted JOIN NOW
  • FOR the People and BY the People
  • West Coasters
  • Revolution #9
  • I agree
  • MOODS post your inner voice
  • Where Artists have a VOICE
  • Freedom of Expression
  • CRON 9.94
  • 20 20 vision
  • UFO's
  • P.O.P.
  • Artistic Previsualized Images
  • Seven Dimensional World
  • Trinity
  • Eagle/OX/Lion/MAN
  • Wheel within a Wheel
  • The Universe as a FLAME
  • Time as 2D or Dual Time Constants
  • time matter and space as dimensions
  • Negitive space or antimatter
  • dual matter constants
  • Xian Mystic
  • God is love Yeshua Saves
  • Feb 9 Apollo 14 returns to Earth 1971
  • QUDCF 0.15
  • D0naME3
  • science experiment
  • Legalize Kenah Bosum
  • please use responsibly
  • new wine for thy infermity
  • welcome to the colony have some fun
  • are we having fun yet?
  • The MUZ/Art/ARd/musicbox is here come listen while you surf the site
  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof
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Jesus People Commune

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  2. Jesus Christ Superstar is on at 8pm channel NBC K5 I loved that musical UPDATE: Well that was a grand show and with ALice Cooper playing Pilot i think. very well done modern the vocals and music were so very close to the original cast production the set was minimalist with industrial overtones the casting was grand great voices the musical opens with a disturbing Judas singing. in places i have mixed feelings at times about the content yet think its handled exceptionally well considering its a modern interpret of Jesus yet no resurrection at the end yet this musical gets one thinking at times about the ways one can see the gospels
  3. Micro.Theater

    words of Jesus

    Words of Jesus Thursday, January 11, 2018 8:40 PM All I ever ask of anyone whom wants a debate is to read the red letters in that edition of the Bible. Then tell me what kind of person Jesus was? Loving? Peaceful? Justice minded For the poor Champion of the underdog Healer
  4. Micro.Theater

    heated fluid

    ok universe as a heated fluid perhaps is the answer
  5. Micro.Theater

    Universe as FLAME day

    lets celebrate that the Universe could be the consistency of a flame. the galaxy looks so very fluid such as one might find in a flame. yet think of the time difference