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Perhaps we are all conservatives

Yet we take things that are outcast and offbeat

 and produce a society that is more inclusive

 of the individuals there in. That is the liberal way


Donald Meek Donald Meek
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DEV>Butterflies Specialty Stitches Stitch-A-Long

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Available from Lakeside Needlcraft www.lakesideneedlecraft.co.uk/…
Finished 24th Nov 2018

I did love the original colours, but got this colour scheme in my head and couldn’t shake it. I swapped out oranges for pinks and greens for purples.
I mostly kept up with this stitch-a-long, joined a bit late as wasn't convinced by the border, but saw the first section and fell in love with it.

I later got inspired randomly at work. Was stocking up savoury tarts, and one box was black and hot pink, which looked brilliant together. So I was thinking the rest of that shift what colour I should swap out, and whether to swap another. I'd already received the original thread pack. I wrote down the two shades each of green and orange, then went to hobbycraft the following day after work, picked up those shades, then looked through the pinks and purples to get close shades to start.

I started stitching the top left corner. and filled in the purple and pink bits on top section to begin with. Loved my choices right away. Posted an update to the LN FB page when I'd done the first two main sections and previously mentioned pink and purple bits, and people in the group went crazy for it. I didn't want to wait much longer in case someone else thought of it. 334 likes on that post and loads of people asking for me to share what colours. Great feeling. Part of me didn't want to share - it's mine. But if I didn't people would still use those colours anyway, haha.

Some parts more challenging than others, but really really happy with it :D:D:D


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