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Perhaps we are all conservatives

Yet we take things that are outcast and offbeat

 and produce a society that is more inclusive

 of the individuals there in. That is the liberal way


Donald Meek Donald Meek
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DEV>comm. || Odessa and Phoebe

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Wiggly text - Hello kaomoji set 1 3/19
I hope you all are good! 
Today I'm super super happy to share with you this chibi commission I made for the sweet Caeldea 
She asked me to draw her cute characters Odessa and Phoebe and I totally loved to work on this piece! :squee-love: - PLZ 
And also this was the first time I draw and original species made by someone! Such a huge honor! 
I really really loved these two little ones :love: love their hair, love their color palettes, everything! 
Thank you again Caeldea for giving me the chance to make this for you, I'm really really happy!  Tight Hug

As always thank you very much for the support and time for every comment and fav, I really appreciate them pink heart 

Tini Bubbles Tini Sea Star Tini Bubbles Tini Clam Shell Tini Clam Shell Tini Bubbles Tini Sea Star Tini Bubbles 

If you're interested, my commissions are open and here you can find all the infos H E R E

Drawing & Coloring BluAjisai 
Software ClipStudio Paint
Characters belong to Caeldea 
Odessa designed by shelselle and the CS (Fairy Vials) is owned by ViPOP
Phoebe designed by Pafait and the CS (Fairy Vials) is owned by ViPOP 

Y T c h a n n e l .
i n s t a g r a m . 
t w i t t e r


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