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DEV>Patapolis - Thermal Relax

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Hey guys! First of all, I'm really sorry for these months of absence from DeviantArt. I definitely lost count of the days passing, partly because of all the problems related to my university and obtaining my driving license (which I don't need at the moment nor do I care to have, but I'm currently forced to study for) and partly because I was involved in a lot of different projects, still Patapon related, that someday I will upload here. Don't worry, I also had time to create three new parts of my Patapolis, and this is the first one I made. I didn't upload this sooner because I wanted to have a precise release schedule, so I could dedicate myself to school and other activities. So, today, I present you the Patapolis Thermal Centre! I hope you'll enjoy it! :)
There's also an interesting easter egg. I'm sure the most experts of the game will recognize it immediately.

"The Patapons love to properly celebrate the success of a mission, whether it is a fortress vanquished, a monster slayed or just a normal hunt turned out well. All in honor of the Almighty, of course, and his brave warriors! But after the festivities it's time for a well deserved bath before finally going to bed, and what's better than a relaxing evening in the Patapolis Thermal Centre? In this place every Patapon can enjoy his experience in the way he prefers: a tired eyeball can reinvigorate himself after a day of adventures, a soldier can practice his swimming skills, the children can play with water and splash each other while going on the slide.
It must be said that most of the pleasure comes from the mystical waters that flow from a mysterious fountain to fill the pools of the SPA: it's been said they originate in a land where the hottest magma from the core of the planet meets the purest ice from cold high peaks. This union generates a peculiar liquid capable of incredible rejuvenating effects, and to further enhance it the Tsukupon twins mix the waters with a variety of refined salts. The final product is almost miraculous and is considered a luxury by both mortal and immortals alike. The waters are so special that even their vapors have healing properties: it's a common practice to aspirate them if a Patapon is sick, at least to greatly ease the pain of the illness.
The SPA is open everyday 24/7, so everyone has the opportunity to have at least a bath in a day. The evening is usually the favorite moment to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Patapolis, and this is why most of the Goruden Tribe likes to meet here. And it's usually the first place the travelers are taken to while visiting the city.
"There's no better way to make everyone feel welcomed!" says Pali, sister of Meden and keeper of the SPA, among her other tasks..."

The Thermal Centre is not far from the Festival Area and is built in a small oasis created by the mystical waters. The palm tress were planted to resemble the Tochira Beach, since during winter the sea is too cold and agitated to swim in. In this way the Patapons can still have a semblance of the beach they love so much!
- The Lifeguard Station: from left to right, we can see the lifeguard station where Sukopon sits to look at the stars... and sometimes to the swimming Patapons. He tends to get distracted a little bit, but he was the only one who volunteered for this job. Luckily it's very rare for a Patapon to have difficulty in the water, and that means more free time for Sukopon!
- The Fountain: not far from the lifeguard station we have a mysterious fountain, source of the mystic waters. No one really knows who built it and where the water comes from, but as long as it's not dry everyone is happy! You can usually spot at least one Patapon drinking from it.
- The Pools: here we have the thermal pools themselves. They are linked to the fountain by a complex underground system of pipes that provides a constant change of water and an hydromassage feature. A slide is incorporated to connect the two pools and to entertain the children, while a side-mounted thermometer can be used to alter the water's temperature. You should see how many times the poor thing almost got broken by the volatile choices of the Patapons...
- The Solarium: a good SPA must always have an area with sunbeds and a minibar, and Patapolis is not different! When a Patapon is tired of swimming and only drinking the water from the pool, all the time, he can just move to the Solarium: there he'll find the finest selection of drinks, whether he's looking for a hot soup, a mug of beer or a glass of wine, among with other specialities of Rah Gashapon. Don't forget the ever-present summer drinks! Everything for free, of course.
After having chosen whatever he pleases, the Patapon can return in the pool or lie down in a comfortable sunbed. During the day he can sleep under the warm rays on the sun, but at night? This is why the braziers are here for, and if that's not enough the vapors create a sauna-like atmosphere, protecting the Patapons from wind and cold.

To make this, I was particularly inspired by another PSP game called "Ape Escape: On The Loose", a remake of the original game for PS1. One of the levels, set in the Ice Age, is called "Hot Springs" and takes place in a particular snowy mountain that hides a lake of boiling water and hosts a beautiful SPA!

If you want to see yourself, check this videos out: in the first one you can see the general level in an astonishing graphic: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qD5FV4… ;

in the second one you can see the SPA itself at the minute 2.20: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZI-9d… .

I created this picture while listening to two different songs from the game. One of them is the soundtrack of the level I told you about: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc8pnP… ;
the second one is from a level set in the Prehistoric Era featuring a beautiful Primordial Lake showered with rain: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhLwu6… .
If you want to see the Primordial Ooze level, skip at the minute 2.48 on this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=evk3F9… .
These songs were composed by the great Soichi Terada, who created all the soundtracks of the game. My personal advice? Try looking at my work while listening to these two songs, they might help you appreciate it more. Or, listen to a song of your choice that makes you feel like you're in the picture! I often do it while creating my works or when I admire other artists pieces. It really works!

If you want to know more about the Ape Escape game, here's the link to the official Wiki: sarugetchu.fandom.com/wiki/Ape… .


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