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Get back to where you once belong

born the son of a minister

saved at age 13

the peace love and joy surrounded my heart strings

i was in LOVE with GOD

thank you JESUS


i just loved those couple of years

then age 15yo

Narco Hypnosis

motivated to put my Bible down and stop practice my religion

was it the Anti Christ that would do this to me?

i can not help but wonder if some demon did the deed

its not unlike being tortured


mentally beaten

i am sorry if that sounds extreme but you had to be there live through it to understand

now i suffer for it i am sure and as others whom are mentally abused i do survive at times

now its time to move on with reservations about what has happened to me

i can be what i need to be rejoice and love God in my own way i can now read my Bible again after 20 years without

life will be what one makes of it i can do my best to be my best and be aware of problems in our society and culture

why should we allow Nazi Science to take the label of German Engineered to justify the ends


we have some problems with our grand ole USA perhaps yet we correct our mistakes is what makes us divided from the other countries

we need to wonder why Nazism is in our Science our Politics and Social areas also 

i am outraged by what happened to me and it seems to point at "German Engineering" or Nazi Science

how can i be happy at all with this.. is this just what i am suppose to think also?

after all i was brainwashed right?

aside from some other minor details my deprogramming was just that religious deprogramming

at least this is the most obvious thing that happened to me

i could and will ramble on more about this







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