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DEV>The Children

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"I once ventured into a realm for me unknown. The journey had made me a lost man stumbling into a place of which I no longer knew, an alternate dimension or merely a dream, yet at that moment I felt like I was exactly where I should be.

Ahead of me I saw a couple of children playing and exploring this, or rather their, world. Though they seemed to enjoy unprecedented freedom a shape in the middle appeared to keep them near. I could not figure out what the shape was, but I knew it played a major role in why they are here or in how they got here. I wondered whether it was a portal, or that it in some way holds their essence, not being able to live without. Though the environment around me looked different from what we know in our actual world, it does not strike fear, but conveys a calm atmosphere that somehow feels familiar.

Strange creatures float along on a gentle breeze, some making soft humming noises. The place consists of childlike innocence where one can be content forever, without ever getting bored."

Made for Project Aurora’s Exhibition ‘Yellow’, a collaboration between Cosmosys and The Luminarium.


Thank you for viewing, and I hope you have found it interesting and or enjoyed it in some way.

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