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Lady Jax

Colors and Their Corresponding Magickal Properties

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The Goddess, ancient mother, purity, spirituality, devotional magick, general prayers, illumination, cycle of life, good will, initiation, feminine mystery, freedom, love, health, truth, sincerity, to symbolize a person, place or thing, blessings.



Return energy back to sender, divination, protection, dark goddesses, time, chaos, the first stage of a working, the beginning of creation, North, winter, rebirth, wisdom, the number 8, infinity, destroy bad habits, rest, investigation and combats hyperactivity.  Use sparingly.  Many practitioners follow the burning of a black candle with the lighting of a white one to bring balance to the magickal workings.



Use for wounded pride, for broken bones to knit properly, and angelic protection.



Intelligence, call the ancient ones, create sigils, anything to do with government, truth, justice, humility, planet Jupiter, devotions, and forgiveness.



Peace, serenity, dreaming magicks, invoke Spirit when in the process of charitable works.



Power, wealth, good fortune, ambition. 



Truth, intelligence, wisdom, loyalty, fidelity, protect one's reputation, peace, meditation, feminine mysteries, water, infinity, poetry, faith, planet Venus, to defeat an enemy and protect hearth, home and the young.  Use with white to create confusion among evil.



Emotional work love, peace and protection.



Impulsion, depression, changeability. 



Healing, the Green Man, god or goddess of vegetation and forest, youth, hope, happiness, new beginnings, improve the weather, financial gains (with gold and silver), argicultural magick, abundance, prosperity, immortality, spring, fertility, luck, the planets Venus and Mercury. 



Healing, energy of the sun, prosperity, self-esteem, intellect, intuition, goodness, humility, beauty, light, life, truth, attraction, mental work, meditation, divination and the God.  Wear some yellow to a job interview to show that you can be trusted (brown says that you are responsible).



Opportunities, the ability to over-come challenges, break blocks, material gain, helps to seal a spell, happiness, luxury, remove feelings of abandonment, pride and courage, heroism, attraction.



Action, deep affection, courage, fire, masculine principle, festivity, strength, faith, life renewal, joy, summer, active leadership, expansion, physical work as in healing of people and animals, health, passion and sex, the planet Mars.



Friendship, harmony, honor, love, morality.



Fast money, moon magick, the Charge of the Goddess, the Goddess, reality, connection to Spirit, astral travel, freedom, destroy illusions, restore balance, endurance, star magick, meditation, peace, personal illumination.



Stabilize a disturbed personality, slow down a reckless person or situation, use in some glamouries.  Wear this color with some green when applying for a loan or asking for a raise.



Soothe emotional upsets, security, support, friendship, and nature magick.




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