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new wine

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Friday, July 20, 2018

2:55 PM

FIRE DESTROYED the wine leathers

sacks vessels containers bottles.

Is it of Egypt CannaWIne?

That happened at the time of Jesus and before.

Is it possible NEW WINE is from the same said

Kenah Bosum that Moses partook of?

Kenah Bosum being the one of 4 parts of Holy Oil.

2 parts cinnamon 1 part myrrh 1 part cannabis oil

Try that on for size.

Be Anointed

Thank You OX and LION


All Meditation


The Left and Right



Holy Spirit




Adam or Eve

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The wedding at Canna (KENEH) was Jesus first miracle turning the water into wine

this is interesting for several reasons where KENEH is perhaps the township the city that Jesus was at

this is so very close to the spelling of KENAH  in Kenah Bosum i Find it interesting that this parallel exists

and water into wine fascinating that it wasn't fire, water and fire anyways bringing attention to a element of water

water into wine

cannawine was known about in Egypt 1000 years before Christ.

its a liquid

is it a possiblity that Jesus turned the rather fire oriented Kenah Bosum into a watery wine?

making sure we know its of water origin also

is this story a bit more complex than we think?

i am more concerned its not so mystical as to why the wedding is at Canna

is it a intentional purpose we have this city named so close to Cannabus

and that Jesus did his WINE making there

canawine is perhaps the result of the event

the whole thing of water into wine isnt far off from a probable turning a canna bud into waterywine

the whole thing is of a process. you might ask why Jesus wouldn't be more direct about his story and why ENCODE the canna wine into the story it is possible that NEW wine wasn't a popular drink or smoke that it was like it is today rather taboo.. ALSO Jesus was a man of parables and encodes i think mostly parables yet that is a fuzzy way of describing something is it not?

we have the account of the apostles speaking in tongues and being accused of being drunk on new wine. i get a sense of shame here they are trying to shame the apostles so it maybe was not so popular a drijnk or smoke


IS it my brothers and sisters and my loving gender benders that 

the FIRST miracle was to make NEW WINE?

its called water into wine yet is this the NEW WINE we hear of later?

did Jesus showcase new wine?





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where here we have the Son of God

making wine as a first miracle

was it new wine or cannawine?

it was wine none the less

wine was very popular drink

like water nearly today

wine wasn't considered strong drink

or so i gather

but next to strong drink


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