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life in general

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Life in general

Friday, February 8, 2019

4:20 PM

LIFE in general is a one cell creature.

Sperm is very much alive and living.

Sperm and egg are rather smart to do what they do.

When combined they cause the egg to split in two and divide.

Miracle happens DNA combine and split.

We need think of these as living cells.

And respect them also.

How ever that said enough sperm and eggs are expelled from the body in a life time to make the mass of a small child and all with DNA of its own. This is living matter living beings if you will.

Yet it dies without a body to contain it.

We do not morn at all for these losses none.

Why then is combined DNA so different

The X and Y piece of the puzzles

We should and can consider that life is sacred and we must find a way to morn the loss of important sperm and egg this is living life essence of life.

If and when we do this we can morn the loss further of a fully DNA ready CELL

When that cell divides and becomes more in our image of what we expect from life is the only time it would seem that people take note hey its human. Its human from the sperm its human from the egg its just human. Yet we need to examine that life thrives on death at times and we are not the least bothered by body fluids we just don’t think of it. Its nothing in form to us.

Perhaps only one that peers via the microscope to see living cells wonders

The wonders of life and the living cell.

In olden days long ago people didn’t think animals were living it was beyond the language at any rate that life was considered in animal form so I understand anyways..

Todays modern man can not does not see the cell as living

We don’t see it so its not important its just fluid

How many days before its image looks like a animal structure?

One or two perhaps

Yet really we must consider its really no more living that before all this..

Or it IS alive in deed we need to know.

We don’t value cells as we should is the reasoning behind all abortions

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all the above being said

we should have the morning after pill in every pharmacists free to any woman that needs a dose

every government office free morning after pills

every womans restroom free morning after pills

we need not the government owning our bodies we need a freedom like never before



i may sound prolife a bit and yes i might be over all sure and for me personally i wouldn't ever be a part of a abortion if i can keep from it. yet for others

i feel like after a week or so it would be just unacceptable perhaps a sin if i dare say

there fore i support the day after pill and not much more..



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