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  1. Talking about Fake News. Back in the middle of the 90's I was in Kansas working on an army base that just happened to have a prison. The prison was 160 years old. (Its Gone now). But one Friday they were putting a new roof on when of the buildings. When the contractors left for the weekend they accidentally left a tar machine on. So later on that night the tar in the machine was getting hotter and hotter and finally it exploded. Resulting in the new roof catching on fire. This was clearly a contractor malfunction. The local news agency headlines read: "Riot and Ft Leavenworth". There was no riot. They just wanted to put a bad light on the inmates in the prison.
  2. Justin Wayne


    thanks DJ Justin Wayne send more photos to ARD up Ard effect (photoshop) donald meek original photo Justin Wayne any relation to Bruce Wayne?
  3. Just throwing something out there. I know allot of people enjoy photographing the nude male form or drawing it so I want to offer my services for FREE. It would have to be in an artistic environment. Nothing Sexual you understand. The session could be inside or outdoors which really makes it awesome. I not young everyone likes drawing the young I am 58 years old. I live in the seattle area. If interested drop me a line. dj.justin.wayne@gmail.com and lets get a bite to eat and talk about about it. I hope to hear from anyone soon.....
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