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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald Meek Donald Meek
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  1. i was of service to a nation the country needed someone to experiment on and i was there i had a bad foot so couldnt join the military and also was somewhat of a conscience objector as a pasifist how ever not a dove exactly i wanted to join the war effort somehow and at a tender young age of 15 i could only figure that being a decoder was my road in .. the GOV needed decoders i am sure of it i would do that. well i got a more impressive thing to do and it was being a experimental science experiment. for the gov. yet i was really mostly in the dark about this that is i had no clue what was really taking place.. meaning i was a unwitting subject is about true. yet not completely i wanted to work for the govenment and serve. I didnt know this was government at the time. nor for many years 47 of them did i have a clue government was involved. i have a fact related to this which is confidential and top secret matter. i wasnt totally unwitting. i wanted to serve the government yet i was unwitting i admit it.. more or less
  2. Micro.Theater


    my humble computer tablet drawings and a few others perhaps on paper...
    only if you can dig it
  3. I am still a member of the Conscientious Objectors in a sense i am sure i would rather wage LAW than war i look towards the UN to free us of war i am a limited pacifist meaning i dont want to kill but will if backed against a wall while i believe in a defense also i am a objector as classified its a interesting life
  4. why did you doughnut doughnut doughnut to me
  5. deliver the big money deal
  6. i died a spiritual death in the summer of 1971 you had your day and your own dream
  7. AGENT= Medium instrument vehicle
  8. best thing that came out of the beatles otherwise fab carreer
  9. this is part of the magic trick... aint no sunshine when Jesus gone
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