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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald Meek Donald Meek
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Everything posted by Micro.Theater

  1. i was of service to a nation the country needed someone to experiment on and i was there i had a bad foot so couldnt join the military and also was somewhat of a conscience objector as a pasifist how ever not a dove exactly i wanted to join the war effort somehow and at a tender young age of 15 i could only figure that being a decoder was my road in .. the GOV needed decoders i am sure of it i would do that. well i got a more impressive thing to do and it was being a experimental science experiment. for the gov. yet i was really mostly in the dark about this that is i had no clue what was really taking place.. meaning i was a unwitting subject is about true. yet not completely i wanted to work for the govenment and serve. I didnt know this was government at the time. nor for many years 47 of them did i have a clue government was involved. i have a fact related to this which is confidential and top secret matter. i wasnt totally unwitting. i wanted to serve the government yet i was unwitting i admit it.. more or less
  2. Micro.Theater


    my humble computer tablet drawings and a few others perhaps on paper...
    only if you can dig it
  3. I am still a member of the Conscientious Objectors in a sense i am sure i would rather wage LAW than war i look towards the UN to free us of war i am a limited pacifist meaning i dont want to kill but will if backed against a wall while i believe in a defense also i am a objector as classified its a interesting life
  4. why did you doughnut doughnut doughnut to me
  5. deliver the big money deal
  6. i died a spiritual death in the summer of 1971 you had your day and your own dream
  7. AGENT= Medium instrument vehicle
  8. best thing that came out of the beatles otherwise fab carreer
  9. this is part of the magic trick... aint no sunshine when Jesus gone
  10. oh she really don me done me good
  11. i feel a personal relation to this song i was 13 years old in 1969 when i gave up rock music for Jesus. i was a beatles fan yet no more i was in love with God so I let them down so to speak i feel this song
  12. I felt Gods love for 2.5 years as a teen it was Gods greatest gift to me.
  13. this is a early script work poem
  14. cana wine? was the new wine cannabis?
  15. the city of Cana or Keneh the city of reeds or hemp
    here is the download of this media feel free to download it and play it in event without compensatoin to the artist other than credit to the seattle art colony and donald meek angry red planet.mp4
  16. 5G might be less hazardous than sunlight i am hoping and yet more danger than a light bulb. somewhere in there closer to sunlight which can burn
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