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  1. and then also AS a Science we would have a gender XYZ all percentages of balance of emotional psychological and even physical ballances between genders by granting them specific traits each a percent is common in sciences involved. so we could you say have 3 at least genders or a few more than that one could calculate by sciences alone so you could say there is a science to gender X for real say youre 25 % female traits and 75% male traits ok perhaps youre male then? NO lets say youre a female listed wouldnt that be a part of that 3rd gender by rule? in science there are nearly infinite of rule of gender balances from 0 to 100% either direction or is that already 200% we can calculate in or perhaps even 10000 % places if we multiply the gender by genders in stead of additive so in that alone could find perhaps 10K places of gender in math yet with proper testing one could score more or less that amounts of gender bias in a person by say each question with 100 spaces of desisions prymid this thinking of math to much higher gains by scoring each question added or times the next in science one could nearly score a million i imagine in places on a map easily enough so yes it would be complexity to say we only have 2 genders when science says more much more
  2. its believed and written that MKULTRA had to do with Operation Paperclip that it is of German science
  3. Micro.Theater


    the backs of some of our post cards
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    From the album: PHOTOGRAPHY

  5. Micro.Theater


    From the album: Drawings

  6. Micro.Theater


    my humble computer tablet drawings and a few others perhaps on paper...
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  8. God bless the trees thanks for the fruit and herb of the field as meat spiritual meat even
  9. since i have found cause for my suffering i am doing so much better 10 plus years free from hypermanic modes the idea that NOT knowing what happened to me being greatly suffering increased. Also its good to have something to blame for ones suffering it balances things out rather than think its all on me my doings my DNA my life style whilte some of that still holds true it is minimal to that of the real torture that i was granted as in service to our country no less for examining this type of science
  10. Donald Meek to think God Omnipresent is perhaps a great misunderstanding for example what God can do and what HE (they) do actually do is different for example some think god control the weather while this is possible with god its all probably not happening 99% of the time. Also to think Gods plan is to interfere with human kind much other than letting us know they are here.. (UFO)(ALT Dimension) perhaps a good healing here and there is about all that gets done at times. Perhaps God the Father is Omnipresent in that he created the universe perhaps some of that nature is in him with him only in that NATURE is everywhere and we know how cruel nature can be.if God was Omni Present why would we hear GOD BE WITH YOU then...
  11. Dear President Trumpplease consider the use of government agents to religiously persecute a important segment of our Christian Community.by deprograming them with Narco Hypnosis. please consider that the use of Nazi Science is wrong and unethical to deprogram people regardless of religious beliefs please consider placing the Nuremberg Code as law in our great country do this and i will stop calling you a mini dictator wana be yet will not curtail my distaste of the Nazi science or nazi party or nazi what ever you must see this for what it is religious persecution that you are so famous for upholding our religious freedoms i thought you would love to know the nazis are against us for real..they are truly the anti christ
  12. From the album: Drawings

  13. rather curious DREAM while sleeping.. umm exuse me? of course this dream takes a bender when the music stops and jail time begins over what but a fist fight over what but a woman the injustice of it all is what this seems to speak out as. simple vengence unruley justice illegal wild west
  14. Donald Meek i am rather conservative in saying that we need government to back off of peoples bodys and lifes they need not be inspecting our bodies and even telling us what to put in our bodies and how our bodies should be or not be even life and death of one should be a personal choice. shame on you people for allowing government to have such control over personal space. it is that very attitude that brought us such game changers as brain washing via MKULTRA and other problems associated with our government interference with our self's we the people should not allow for a suicidal government that pits we the people against itself.
  15. sceince experiment of service for 35 years
  16. Donald Meek we just got finished with the great depression in my fathers lifetime and you want to suggest anything but that capitalism is the real danger you are fools socialism came and freed us from dangerous system of pure capitalism i do imagine that any system is capable of being corrupted is why some socialist systems collapse yet our socialism we put in place corrected the errors of pure capitalism and stabilized the economy even before that we had roads and bridges which is a socialist system of course also we have had socialism by definition for a long time. while i think socialism is good for the economy generally keeping it stable and omitting the extremes in most cases that doesnt mean that all socialist ideas are good ones or will improve our economy. when you see the road you drive on as a socialist concept its paid for by most and use by all its socialist so goes much of our government at any rate anyway i think our government can get out of hand and too much socialism is a real possibility lets concern ourselves with real issues such as roads and bridges and then decide i see our government divided into republic democracy and socialist areas the 3 is what makes up our government that rules over a capitalist playground.
  17. facts being the police force is granted special rights such as automatic weapons that are out of the hands of the citizen. which is fine let them have the arsenal i gather it seems to be the rule of the last many decades since the sixtys about the force has changed.. its more militant or military style at times.. even the day to day police dress can be something with all the belt of items etc but so be it. all the crimes that do happen and so we need them and should respect them also yet not let them over power the people in general. that would be wrong lets wonder if a horrid dangerous job needs respect yes lets be concerned that people whom are innocent are not dying out there
  18. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuremberg_Code
  19. did religious persecution ruin my life? or is life only getting better? did the narco hypnotist do me wrong? was it a evil deed that they done unto me? i am thinking it was hard very hard life never was easy for me. only before the CURSE was it easy then in my youth yet got harder suddenly and very difficult at times yet life got better over the last dozen years i found God again in a big way I regained my sense of religious study and life is good not that hard times still don't exist they happen
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