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    Colony cents

    Wednesday, December 6, 2017

    8:27 PM

    OK you can collect colony cents and donate them

    You automatically get CC's for posting in forums blogs etc

    Just a few like 25 or less

    You can donate CC's to anyone at any time as long as you have CC"s in cash, not bank

    When you would like a Nonguaranteed cash out then you MUST place however much in the BANK you do this by going to GAMES tab and finding bank

    Then deposit in bank

    Make sure you don’t overdraw your cash or it just won't work

    Nice round sums are best to keep the change

    Colony Cents are considered a GAME

    You may or may not be paid real cash for Colony Cents

    It is not a guarantee

    You may spend your CC"s on the membershop items only 5 items in there

    You can spend some cash for more rep points etc

    ADDY may or may not grant you CC's at any time for any reason he may also deduct them at any time also.

    Hoping to keep it FUN and lively little sporting game the CC"S can be.

    Any actual cash amount you may receive is totally a gift for your good works on the colony

    Again it is not a guarantee of any cash amount

    CC"s do not equal cash exactly

    Any amounts in CC's may vary at times

    Auto credits can fluctuate at any time

    Best of LUCK to you

    Have fun

    Play fair

    And be the best you can be

    Be yourself

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