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Donalds Place to rant and ramble on...
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    here is the download of this media feel free to download it and play it in event without compensatoin to the artist other than credit to the seattle art colony and donald meek angry red planet.mp4
    i am only 76% confident in this matter at times
  2. did N%*# Science have much to do with behavior modification? if so please consider the sources perhaps also I lost something for 20ish years my Bible for one. so why shouldn't I be upset.
  3. time to write personal logs of Dear USA notes and feelings it could get a bit angry never know why oh why
  4. ok, i have been off getting apps for this joint. looking around finding interesting apps such as TIP button now on my posts others might get TIPped also the tip button will take you to a PayPal page any member can get one what else moods are nice funs oh dice yeah just got dice started a dice room funs oh and STATS page now wowies its kind of interesting stats the graphs not so much as the members stats and more apps i nearly ruined the chat box what other apps a few more classifieds
  5. am I not adjusting everything on the fly here chroma keyed up colorized
  6. ok late nights ramble on grabs a tonic water and writes it's not even midnights yet am up whats on my mind this site and the fun bells and whistles the people on the site i do love you all I am up cant sleep and have an appt tomorrow rather early. the more people we getting on here writing the more guests we usually get for each person writing we get maybe 5 new guests whats the point to have the most guests possible is the point
  7. here it is 2am and i am not even tired much i am UP and wanting to party lets party down you know i just had to get up out of bed to write the monies agreement and the raffles agreement. i am sure you will hate them find them in support/articles/agreements what fun up rambling late nights this is like a party yet I probably should take my sleepy meds and head to bed but what fun
  8. Seattleartgroup>com one of our old artist's suggestion for a domain name.


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