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  2. Jesus Christ Superstar is on at 8pm channel NBC K5 I loved that musical UPDATE: Well that was a grand show and with ALice Cooper playing Pilot i think. very well done modern the vocals and music were so very close to the original cast production the set was minimalist with industrial overtones the casting was grand great voices the musical opens with a disturbing Judas singing. in places i have mixed feelings at times about the content yet think its handled exceptionally well considering its a modern interpret of Jesus yet no resurrection at the end yet this musical gets one thinking at times about the ways one can see the gospels
  3. Words of Jesus Thursday, January 11, 2018 8:40 PM All I ever ask of anyone whom wants a debate is to read the red letters in that edition of the Bible. Then tell me what kind of person Jesus was? Loving? Peaceful? Justice minded For the poor Champion of the underdog Healer
  4. ok universe as a heated fluid perhaps is the answer
  5. lets celebrate that the Universe could be the consistency of a flame. the galaxy looks so very fluid such as one might find in a flame. yet think of the time difference


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