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    "Line of Light" a project created as part of the "Cabinet of Curiosities"* - an artistic challenge invented and organised by Marta Norenberg @sztuk.kilka

    It is worth to know, what such a Cabinet of Curiosities was. Originally it referred to the collections of "freaks" for the contemporary man and was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. It were places, where science, art and alchemy (not to say even magic and fiction) were mixed freely. This Cabinet of Curiosities, that I want to introduce to you, is the idea of ​​marta Norenberg who has invited a selected group of goldsmith artists to create projects that are their "curiosities". Works kept for years in minds or drawers, waiting for their time... not fiting to anything, too crazy, too different or simply devilishly laborious and difficult. We were expected to release the imagination and processes of free creation paralised by everyday duties, limitations of reality and lack of time - because this freedom is the basis of artistic work!

    Our „curiosity” is called: "Line of Light". In a (not) distant future, when we enter the path of transhumanism and we will be able to freely explore and travel the Universe ... Will we be able to touch the essence of time, break the thin line of light and enter the next level - the divine singularity? The concept of this work comes from the synthesis of two concepts from quantum physics: the World Line and the Light Cone**. The scene of the necklace is divided into two parts: the technical-mechanical part of the classical world and physics and the light-time part of something that goes beyond our reality and available perception. The light cone determines what we are able to observe in the Universe, taking into account our unquestionable limit of the speed of light and our location in "here and now". The world line, on the other hand, shows how time and space can change as the observer's speed increases to the speed of light. True magic begins for us at this border***. Not only the clock breaks down there - but the cyborg's hand reaching towards it as well - acquiring this knowledge will involve the transformation of what we know about ourselves and who we are. It is a zone, where new space and time are shaped... a new being.

    Sterling silver, optical fibers, phosphors, resin, watch parts (more technical details will be available in the description on our website in the middle of this month).

    *      a wider and more detailed explanation of what the Cabinets of Curiosities were, can be found in Wikipedia.
    for the curious: Wikipedia has developed these entries from the technical side, but it is not easy information.
    ***  magic - according to one of the three laws formulated by Arthur C. Clark: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    As parts of the project "Cabinet of Curiosities" you will see the works of artists:

    1. Anna Betley @annabetleyenamelart
    2. Iwona Tamborska RekamiStworzone
    3. Agnieszka Jabłońska ja_jablonska_bizuteria
    4. Marta Norenberg @sztuk.kilka
    5. Alicja Brewińska @pracowniamozaiki_a.brewinska
    6. Patrycja Mordalska Lookrecya
    7. Anna Mazoń drakonaria
    8. Kornelia Sus KorneliaSus
    9. Ewa Śleziona @ewaslezionajewellery
    10. Magdalena Maślerz @magdalenamaslerz


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