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    DEV>The Men with Broken Faces 3/3

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    The French expression of Gueules Cassées or ‘the men with broken faces’ refers to veterans that returned home with horrific, yet survivable facial disfigurements sustained in the First World War. Talented painters and sculptors constructed custom masks for these so called ‘mutilés’, such as that of Anna Coleman Ladd, allowing servicemen to regain a fragment of their lost identity.

    As the third piece of this series and the one I painted last, this one is definitely my favourite. I enjoyed painting this one the most, facing very few challenges as I worked on it. I'm really proud of it if you can't tell, haha :D (Big Grin).  I feel that the colours of this piece are richer and more deep than the others, in a really nice way. I was also less controlling of the paint, embracing hard edges here and there and just having fun with the colours of the wings. I'm really glad with how the soldier's face came out, even though you can't see most of it.

    Since finishing these I've been super busy with far less fun school assignments, not to mention exams happening in two weeks. Makes me miss drawing and painting in all honesty, but that's what school holidays are for I suppose. I'll try to sneak some drawing in here and there, however ;) (Wink). Take care! 

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