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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald A. Tom Meek Donald A. Tom Meek



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eternal truth?

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In science, where a law exists that states, nothing is absolute. Therefore, ALL is A question, or IN question; consequently, we have no real answers. All is a question. There is no truth in science. The best we can think of it is a non-absolute truism at best. Yet to think of scientific fact even simply as a question is one way of looking at it even though the facts do not contain truth. Since they are only questions at heart. With the philosophy of science, we can understand that this law of nothing is absolute is a false statement. Since if it's true, it proves itself wrong. There, the logic breaks down and should be considered a nonabsolute truism at best, or in a philosophical sense, it is false since it's not logical. So, by this standard, since nothing is absolute, it is a false statement. We might conclude that absolute eternal truth does, in fact, exist, but we never find that in science, only in philosophy and theology. For example, let's estimate Einstein's non-absolute truism that we proved correct last 1000 years before being considered outdated and new questions were possible. God may be blinked an eye in that time, and his scientific truths lasted just as long as 1000 years in his lifetime. If he is just blinking an eye in the 1000s years on earth, then imagine how long God's scientific facts will last in earth years? I am not good at math or would work this out. It's like trillions of years, but if you think that is wrong, do the math for God living for only 7 days compared to all the years of the big bang? It's a nearly infinite number of years minus a tish tossing a dart out into infinity and having it land somewhere. This is the eternal truth of God. 676 trillion years old is God's truth perhaps compared to modern science 1000 years estimate,

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