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How to make a Working Candle

Lady Jax

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How to make a 'Working' Candle


A working candle is a candle that is lit and used during magickal rituals,

studying, writing, crafting, etc.


Items Needed:

1 Tea Light Candle and 1 White Pillar Candle

Sea Salt

An incense of your choice  (I use Dragon's Blood)

Moon Water / Holy Water

Herbs of your choice (I use sea salt, dry white sage, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, etc)

Pestle and Mortar

Essential Oil(s) *optional

Small amount of Olive Oil

A piece of Wax Paper


Light the tea light candle and the incense.  As you do so, envision white light, peace and good intent emitting from the flame of the tea light candle and the smoke of the incense.


Place the pillar candle in the center of your altar or on a counter top, again, envision white light, peace and good intent going 'into' the candle.


Sprinkle sea salt on top of the candle in a Deosil (clockwise) direction and say:

"By salt you are cleansed"


Pick up the pillar candle and pass the it over the flame of the tea light candle and say:

"By fire may your flame be eternal"


Now, pass the pillar candle threw the smoke of the incense and say:

"By air may you be inspired"


Place the pillar candle back in the center of your altar/counter top and sprinkle moon water/holy water on top of the candle and say:

"By water may you be Blessed"


You can also carve your name, words, symbols, sigils, etc into the candle.

Ex:  Love, Magick, Healing, Inspiration, A Pentagram, etc.


Grind your herbs of choice in a pestle and mortar, grind them into a fine powder as well as possible.  Again, envision white light, peace and good intent being infused into the herbs.


Starting at the base of the pillar candle, rub some olive oil on the candle in an upward direction, making sure that you coat the entire candle well.

Place a piece of wax paper on your altar/counter top.  Now put your powdered herbs on top of the wax paper.  Roll the olive oil coated pillar candle back and forth in the dried herbs, coating the outside and top of the pillar candle with as much of the dried herbs as possible.


Now place the pillar candle in it's holder.  It is now ready to use.


You can let the tea light candle and the incense burn themselves out if you wish.


When you light your working candle for magickal purposes, say:

"God and Goddess within, God and Goddess without,

Create a circle all about, let love in and keep evil out"

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  • In my opinion, I am HALF right, and you are HALF wrong. Let's part ways. Each of us is taking our HALF LIFE in peace.
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