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    Magician 19@nodkeem

    Philosophical Model 19@nodkeem

    The Art Colony and related sites are just a modern day book with photos

    please share our address here with others as a book

    and its a book by donation mostly yet we sell subscriptions to forums

    other wise its free to view and listen to the music









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    In service to a great nation, I gave nearly my all. My soul for God and Country! Your Psychological Warrior for the war effort. MK-Donald/donna

  • While there are eternal truths such as gravity exists but why? (theory/model/faith) yet life is a series of half-truths that create an understanding or an illusion of preference  for each of us when added up making what some call that faith theory or modeling.

  • My personal opinion is that I am HALF right, and you are HALF wrong.
    DKMeek the Magician 19@nodkeem

  •  perhaps we are all conservatives yet we take the things that are offbeat and outcast at times and propose a better life that is more inclusive of the individuals in a society that is the liberal way

DEV>Germinated star [CLOSED]


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Germinated star

>Sb: $100
>Mb: $10
>Ab: $400 - changes in design

> Rules:
^character description is not obligated to use
^do not resell in higher price
^you can redesign it a little bit, but don’t change “the main idea”
^for commercial use you pay x2

> Payment: Boosty only

> Auction ends 24 hours after last bid (I can end auction earlier)

Once upon a time, a shooting star appeared in the sky, pursued by a long icy tail. All living things that happened to be near the star on the way died. The place where the star fell was considered cursed and it was forbidden to approach it. In the middle of the crater, the first sprout made its way from a broken meteorite. The seed, securely hidden behind a thick shell, woke up. For hundreds of years of alienation, a huge white tree of unprecedented beaut has grown from a seed. Not a single sequoia could even compare with it in height, but it kept growing and growing. And fraught with danger to the whole planet.
Seven hundred years passed before people realized that they were not dealing with a peaceful plant, but with an alien invader, who had already been allowed to gain strength and give the first fruits.

Unfortunately, before the crater was bombed by nuclear missiles and the tree turned to white dust, the tree was visited by a curious dragon. White prickly fruits beckoned with their ghostly radiance and delicate sweetish aroma. Unable to withstand the temptation, the dragon swallowed one without even chewing. But the thin edges immediately dug into his throat and, scratching him, stopped in the stomach. The acid was powerless against him, the fruit was too hard. In pain, the dragon returned to its lair.

Instead of a pleasant snack, the dragon received an eternal curse - a shining star fruit sprouted inside it, breaking through and wrapping its flexible shoots around its body completely replacing his flesh with itself. But besides this, he received a much more terrible "gift" - immortality. All his friends and family were slowly aging and dying before his eyes. Neither the dragon itself, nor the people, no one could kill him. The tree reliably protected its bearer, and the dragon was doomed to wander the world forever and bring new fruits every 100 years.

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  • Idiocracy would not relate Repression to Communism due to their years of training by the misdirecting repressors.

  • In my opinion, I am HALF right, and you are HALF wrong. Let's part ways. Each of us is taking our HALF LIFE in peace.
    Peach On Herb says Be Anointed with Kenah Bosum and seeking you will find HEAVEN is at hand.


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