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Micro.Theater Micro.Theater
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  • Hardly Famous

    Magician 19@nodkeem

    Philosophical Model 19@nodkeem

    The Art Colony and related sites are just a modern day book with photos

    please share our address here with others as a book

    and its a book by donation mostly yet we sell subscriptions to forums

    other wise its free to view and listen to the music









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    In service to a great nation, I gave nearly my all. My soul for God and Country! Your Psychological Warrior for the war effort. MK-Donald/donna

  • While there are eternal truths such as gravity exists but why? (theory/model/faith) yet life is a series of half-truths that create an understanding or an illusion of preference  for each of us when added up making what some call that faith theory or modeling.

  • My personal opinion is that I am HALF right, and you are HALF wrong.
    DKMeek the Magician 19@nodkeem

  •  perhaps we are all conservatives yet we take the things that are offbeat and outcast at times and propose a better life that is more inclusive of the individuals in a society that is the liberal way

DEV>Um lugar para reconstruir


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My work may not be edited or modified.
Not copy/plagiarism my work.
If you have been inspired by my work, let me know and give me credits.

Thanks !


Flag of Brazil Finalmente terminei meu primeiro trabalho do ano, eu quis seguir o conceito de personagem ''não humano'', um extraterreste que mora no planeta terra pós-apocalipse. O conceito da cena pode ser interpretado em duas maneiras, 1) Ela encontrou uma moradia de algum humano, feito de um avião e partes de um navio. 2) Ela mora dentro desta casa feito com sucata humana.

Flag of United States Finally I finished my first job of the year, I wanted to follow the concept of ''nonhuman'' character, an extraterrestrial who lives on the post-apocalyptic Earth. The concept of the scene can be interpreted in two ways, 1) She found a dwelling of some human, made of an airplane and parts of a ship. 2) She lives inside this house made with human scrap.



E.T Body from shutterstock.com by faestock 
E.T Face from shutterstock.com
Skies of Chaos by ManicHysteriaStock 
Boat crop by Wess4u
Aloe Vera With Yellow Blossoms by YBsilon-Stock
Mushrooms 1 | Mushrooms 2 by kuschelirmel-stock
Fantasy Vines by moonchild-ljilja
Petra by Chocomix-Stock
All the rest from maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com | depositphotos.com | unsplash.com |
textures.com | shutterstock.com | photobash.org
And my
own resource: Leaves PNG Stock 4 | Tower


Honest Opinions and Criticisms are very Welcome Hug 

My Facebook Page
Contact for commission:
Join my Group The-Imaginarium

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  • Idiocracy would not relate Repression to Communism due to their years of training by the misdirecting repressors.

  • In my opinion, I am HALF right, and you are HALF wrong. Let's part ways. Each of us is taking our HALF LIFE in peace.
    Peach On Herb says Be Anointed with Kenah Bosum and seeking you will find HEAVEN is at hand.


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