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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald-Dawn A. Tom Meek Donald-Dawn A. Tom Meek



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The Magician and Tricia Aband

Saturday, June 11, 2022

5:29 PM

PIC from left to right is Tricia Aband and The Magician

See profiles below








The Magician

Male/with minor in feminine ways

Stage Magician and State Magician

51 years old

Does Philosophical statements and puzzles on Facebook and elsewhere

Does magic for the King and Queen in the modern age

Has many secrets including magical or professional or social with famous rock and rollers

Many secrets does this magician keep some are for his safety and some are perhaps even for others safety that he keeps some secrets of course all his tricks ever done are still secret minus a few stories told to the closest of friends and relatives only and never the public.

How to make a dime disappear is one thing and meeting some too famous for words rock star in the comfort of your own home is a other. He the magician has seemly done both in his life and as well as his professional secrets which is rare for him to assert to anyone and did not mention them to anyone for 38 long long long years of his life.. Working clandestine is part of the project I gather its so secret even he had no clue what had hit him or what happened to him till of late as decade or so. But hence is why he is the magician he does and has these secret's he rarely affront's people with. Partly in fear that no one understand its too incredable of 2 stories to even think are true.

The magician as a doll and Tricia Aband the woman as a doll are combined in one personage at times in a other form I shall call The Medium/Agent which will follow at a  later date his/her profile.

So this profile can be considered one with The medium doll on the way next corner

Anyways the Magician  is also since living a life style of The Tragic Magic Mystery Misery Tour.

In many ways its said that a certain proffession does not appreciate perhaps such a eventful life of magic and consider it unhealthy I gather.


Tricia Aband

Female/with Major Masculine leanings

Long Hair

Artist and Xian

The Xian is Tricia she was Saved at Age 13 and was glorifying Christ for 2 and  a half years.

Then tragically either by nature or manmade occurrence she/he was suddenly transformed to a psuedo-secular life style for 38 years.

She is a retired artist whom is struggling with suffering from PTSD and/or/not other conditions since birth and it was aggravated by a possible narco/hypnosis of a behavioral modification device, drug and methods of a 4 hour session that melted her with the magician to make the Medium/Agent of which comes later of these The Magician and Tricia Aband which are the parent of the Medium/Agent.

Tricia discovered herself in kindergarten as a she/he type person and not just a she. She now wore the pants.

Tricias Art is photography painting/scratching on film/slides/movies chemical and digital weirdness over the years thinking back to when it was about chemicals.

Also a rare drawing and even rarer painting but of the xerox paintings perhaps about half a dozen portraits were done of friends and relatives and granted them. Over the years







  1. Tommie(K)/Atomic
  2. He/she/them
  3. Medium/Agent of the Lord/Civilian
  4. Anointed/De-Evolved.
  5. Atomic Energy/Subatomic Water
  6. Energy of everything a vibe/Fiction
  7. Spirituality/Energy/God
  8. Study/Home
  9. Xian/Pseudo secular/9
  10. Jesus/X-Ten/Christ
  11. Kingdom/King/Christ
  12. Love
  13. Matter/Anti matter
  14. Nouns/photographs
  15. Agent orange
  16. Pop
  17. Quanah bosum/Kenah Bosum
  18. Riches untold
  19. Secrets
  20. Tunes
  21. Ultraviolet light
  22. Videos
  23. Water
  24. Xerox paintings
  25. YOU
  26. Zaplaycreofficemandozorphienias
  27. Not NA/Agency Artist
  28. BB:The old style gun I use to shoot
  29. CC Christs Church
  30. DD Don/Dawn/2Dimensional
  31. EEEnergy/Electric
  32. FF Freedom flows
  33. GG God is Good
  34. HH Fin/end/Hosana in the Highest
  35. II Son/daughter of The Magician and Tricia Aband
  36. JJ Jungle Jenny
  37. KK Please no more K's
  38. LL Love lunch
  39. MM Mz Meek
  40. NN NINE x NINE/ N of doN
  41. OO OO a angel/O of dOn
  42. PP Otay a Angel/P upside down d of dON
  43. QQ Symbol of breasts/question for questions
  44. RR Railroaded into this list
  45. SS Add a O
  46. TT insert a I
  47. UU Again a pair/ matter/antimater parrallel universes
  48. VV Double Vee's
  49. WW Double You's
  50. XX Mild porn/double cross/2 times Xian
  51. YY Youre Young?
  52. ZZ TOP?
  53. AAA AA but for cars
  54. BBB Some scoring of business for safety concerns and other
  55. CCC Something my dad worked for during the great depression
  56. DDD Rather disturbing Bra Size/ 3Dimensional world rather unsettling concept alone.
  57. EEE Even more so
  58. FFF Again too much
  59. GGG Forget it I am going home
  60. HHH Hands Heart and Head
  61. III I knows too much
  62. JJJ I really NOSE too much
  63. KKK The worse organization other than Nazism
  64. LLL Love Lunch and Laughter
  65. MMM Those cool candied balls some are nuts like people ok Bad Joke.
  66. NNN Nice N Naughty
  67. OOO Sexy sounds one might think
  68. PPP Pop with a extra P or i
  69. QQQ Too to many questions in one sentence
  70. RRR Pirate speech
  71. SSS Silence is Super Secret.
  72. TTT Telephone lines
  73. UUU University of Under Units
  74. VVV VolksWagen gone mad
  75. WWW Same thing even more mad
  76. XXX Dirtiest porn you ever want to see
  77. YYY Y do I know this?
  78. ZZZ Sleeping
  79. AAAA Fin/end



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