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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald Meek Donald Meek



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  1. Soundtrack: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWd8c1… ___ First draft. Word count: 892View the full article
  2. My first piece for a tarot card deck I'm working on. It's a personal project so I'll only be making the major arcana. I decided to pay an homage to my "the Sun" illustration I did last year while also putting my character design skill to the work. I will put the illustrations up on my INPRNT after I finished all 22 arcanas so be sure to keep an eye out! Stay safe & healthy everyone Tools: Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Illustrator & Affinity Designer. -------------------------- Please do not use my artworks without my permission. If you'd like to repost my artworks, please credit me Instagram | Twitter | Youtube Shop my prints on INPRNT Commission is open! Visit my website for more info. Or check out my other account for the commission gallery! View the full article
  3. Chill vibes, sipping coffee listening to the rain hit the sidewalk outside. View the full article
  4. COMMISSIONS TUMBLR | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | KO-FI | ETSY | REDBUBBLE | INPRNT Edit 2.8.2021 Wow thank you so much for the DD @Astralseed! This is one of my personal favourite pieces that I've done this year so it feels so nice to have this kind of recognition of it. The original painting sparkles! It's a shiny shiny! Shiny Ho-Oh is hands down one of my all-time favourite shinies and one of the Pokémon whose shiny should be the official coloration in my opinion. The gold and silver radiates "majestic" - so much that I even added sparkly paint on the original! This piece is maybe my top favourite from this series. Can't go wrong with majestic birds. I took the liberty of giving Ho-Oh longer tail feathers because I'm not too sold on the broomstick appearance. Really happy with how the pose came out! The original paintings of the 2021 series will be available on Etsy when the series is finished! Done with watercolours and Pentel pocket brush pen on cold pressed watercolor paper. Pokemon © Nintendo Game Freak Art © ShadeofShinon You are not allowed to trace/copy/edit my artwork on DA or any other site and claim it as your own. Any use that is not non-profit strictly forbidden.FAQ/ART USAGE View the full article
  5. ARPG commissions : Aspi-Galou's ARPG commission prices 2020/2021 Import: R'ilk S1105 Prompt/Theme: Is your beast friendly or hostile to mankind? What experience made them this way? Written Harmony Prompt this time! With nasty heat being back, I'm not going to turn on my PC unless something urgent. So I decided to write something. And man this was an experience! Especially since I'm not a native English speaker :'D Anyway, R'ilk has...an interesting point of view toward humans. Poor guy wasn't lucky, especially being kept captive like this. Hopefully, this meeting he just made will be a changing point for him :3View the full article
  6. Art Fight attack for Jusajellegg ! I simply just fell in love with their characters, especially this guy, Stry *u* View the full article
  7. Wow. This went from "ER but with teddy bears" to "children's book" so fast I think I have whiplash. At least the hospital in the story can afford to be forgiving. I doubt there would be much tolerance for a nurse who doesn't know what they're doing. FFM Day 12 Word Count: 300View the full article
  8. Watched GVK a month back .Loved the underworld environments. Its been years since is did any fan art work.Wips:www.artstation.com/artwork/48n… For time lapse and tutorials :www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzMb… FOR RESOURCES:www.artstation.com/shahzebkhan… For daily updates: www.instagram.com/shahzeb_khan… Follow up here for more inside stuff: facebook.com/shahzeb.khan225 View the full article
  9. Commission for x-Fyris-x and the eastern version of his winged character I'm very glad I was able to draw an eastern dragon ... nice change I hope you like it View the full article
  10. I was looking back at my #10newanimals challenge that I made a while back and realized I never painted a raven! So finally finishing my list today haha. View the full article
  11. Darknes isn't your enemy, it is your way to the light. View the full article
  12. personal painting, trying to improve in many aspects ! if you want to see the image in higher resolution, you can go to my artstation here: www.artstation.com/artwork/J92… View the full article
  13. View the full article
  14. ... early album cover proposal concept. the moon had some issues there due to some typical manmade incident. Meanwhile, extracting salt and freshwater from the oceans ... probably not a good idea either. View the full article
  15. :::::: it's not her that makes the ships crash on the rocks. :::::: You can find products with this design in my shop: www.redbubble.com/de/people/Fi… View the full article



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