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    1. I did this piece as I wanted to practice on designing stylized characters and shape language. Throughout my art journey, I have stuck to realistic and semi realistic characters but this is a new frontier that i want to explore and master Stylized character designs are actually way harder when you break it down to their core shapes and forms as they have to sell the appeal and chracteristics, but I am glad I took up this challenge and created this character I am really happy on how it turned out and hope you guys enjoy it as well View the full article
    2. Here is a concept/illustration I created recently as part of a pitch for children's TV show. It was nice to do something super bright and colourful for a change while also putting my 3D skills to some use. I found that jumping straight into 3D when designing the castle, freed me from the struggle of trying to draw in correct perspective to focus on the overall shapes and how they fit together. Modelled in Maya with materials and colours applied and rendered in Blender, then painted over in Photoshop. Some smaller 3D elements sculpted in Adobe Medium. View the full article
    3. Please watch Wolfwalkers on AppleTV+ View the full article
    4. This is what happens when I get a Christmas writing prompt and my brain wanders. I have no idea what this is but hopefully you enjoy it! View the full article
    5. STILL looks like Tobies Menzies!!! OMG why. I surrender. View the full article
    6. View the full article
    7. Alice Madness Returns Alice Liddell classic dress Ph. Chiara Santaterra To see other photos of this cosplay click here : Alice Madness Returns album View the full article
    8. SP姑獲鳥 View the full article
    9. Thank you so much for the Daily Deviation, ElyneNoir View the full article
    10. View the full article
    11. Finding Sharksteeth Oil on Canvas View the full article
    12. Neelix is my favorite character from StarTrek: Voyager. View the full article
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