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    1. I once saw a dream where my sister had a cat just like this and I really wanted to draw it! View the full article
    2. I had the pleasure to do this for Twisted Fables that´s live now on Kickstarter !Back it today at bit.ly/TwistedFablesGame! Pledges start at only $35 for the core game. Want to win a deluxe edition of Twisted Fables? Then like, comment, and share this post to be entered to win one of three copies we're giving away! Hurry, the deadline is October 25th!Twisted Fables is a fast and furious deckbuilding game inspired by old-school 2D fighting games. In it, you'll fight as fairy tale heroines who aren't quite as you remember them. You'll meet Red Riding Hood the cybernetic assassin, Snow White the
    3. Oil, 18 x 24 inches Stars are continuous nuclear explosions! Not simply fixed masses of hot gas, stars are a balance of two enormous forces: gravity and nuclear fusion. On its own, gravity would crush a star into the oblivion of a black hole or other super-dense entity. But nuclear fusion pushes back, releasing so much energy that the outer layers of the star are literally blown away, aloft from the core, and in equilibrium with gravity. From lightyears away, these cataclysmic explosions flutter as faint candles in our night sky. Stars live a looong time, billions of years, but eventually the
    4. Doing little break from commissions~ Pixiv Twitter Instagram ArtStation TumblrGumroad (Buy Previous Rewards) All patreon archive available on Gumroad (100+ characters and nsfw vers in one pack!) gumroad.com/emeraldweapon View the full article
    5. View the full article
    6. FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES Board & Card Game: Legend of The Five Rings Elements Unbound Card: "Kenku Sensei" View the full article
    7. - you can use my photos as references for traditional or digital paintings/drawings (but no photo-manipulations!), just put link back for my account and send me your result I would like to look at your work, I'm very glad if you get inspired and create - you also can use photos in your games if it's not for making money - you can use photos in your blogs/sites/articles/games etc. as an illustration provided that you do not crop my copyright and you don't edit it View the full article
    8. Actually I wanted to draw sunflowers, but something went wrong View the full article
    9. A pet portrait of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog named Tallulah. Acrylic paints on 11″ x 14″ stretched canvas; October 9, 2020. This painting is a bit different than my usual colorful style! The owner requested natural coloration for this portrait. Since Tallulah is a chocolate-colored dog, that was a good decision, since brown does not translate to a colorful style very nicely. At least she still has a colorful teal background! Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Artstation | FineArtAmerica | Zazzle | Redbubble | Society6 | Etsy | View the full article
    10. March 28. 2020 Let's all give a big hand for the new robot overlord View the full article
    11. Indonesia View the full article
    12. View the full article
    13. Title: Mona Lisa (re-production) Medium: Faber-Castell Colored Pencil with White Derwent Pencil Size: 33 x 43 cm (13 x 17 inch) Muse: Elenka Vyshinskaya View the full article
    14. From Real Ghostbusters. View the full article
    15. Articulated watch parts robots Hank and Morbs find a hut. Do they dare venture in? Website and store: www.amechanicalmind.com Insta: www.instagram.com/amechanicalm… Facebook: www.facebook.com/amechanicalmi… View the full article
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