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  • We have art in order not to die of the truth. -Nietzsche
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    1. Pearlthepisces

      Summer 2019

      June was spent with my brother and his fiance. We frequented the library and coffee shop a lot to keep cool in the AC. It was actually June gloom for the whole month it seemed. I just remembered it being overcasted. I wish I had taken pictures. Oh well. Nothing happened this month. July was with brother and his fiance and we did our daily hangouts to keep cool. It was hotter days for sure! We had 4th of July and I went to my older sister's house for some BBQ and I slept over because I didn't want to drive at night all alone in the fireworks that everyone was doing that night. We frequente
    2. It didn't last long I knew it was too good to be true Will she be in your life forever I ponder that thought I gave you the best sex I gave you laughter I gave you myself It wasn't enough She always wins Now I'm alone The most annoyance is that future You were suppose to be in it I have lost The end
    3. Pearlthepisces

      Get To Know Me

      What is your full name? Pearly, Pearl for short. Are you named after anyone? Yes, A Filipina Actres Where do you live? SoCal Where were you born? Philippines Which of your parents are you closest to? Mother Which of your parents are you more like? None What is your favorite drink? Mango Juice by Luzona What is your favorite food? Ethiopian food What is your favorite holiday destination? Europe What is your favorite childhood memory? Living in Military Housing What is your favorite way to pass time? Youtube What is your favorite
    4. Pearlthepisces

      SoCal Winter

      Winter is here I live in SoCal Cold feet touches the ocean Muddy toes Frozen still as a beautiful flower Are you warm Cold breeze and wind chills Snuggle by the heat Warm my feet Too good to be true Winter is here Ice cream in gear Yes to snow I live in SoCal though
    5. Instead of dieting I would like to offer a different approach this year when everyone seems to wanting to diet more in January. I have a book called Body Kindness by Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN ( Registered Dietitian Nutritionist ). It's to transform your health from inside out and never say diet again. This book shows you how to create a healthier and happier life by treating yourself with compassion rather than shame. Body Kindness is based on Four principles. WHAT YOU DO: the choices you make about food, exercise, sleep, and more HOW YOU FEEL: befriending your emotions and standin
    6. The new book we will be reading is called: The Last Black Unicorn By: Tiffany Haddish Side Note: I will be checking out all books from my Public Library. I will request it and wait for it if they don't have it at my location. So it may take a little time to get. I just requested this book so I should get it mid January!
    7. 6:00AM- Breakfast at Norms! I had the Melting Pot Omelet with Hash Browns. It came with two pancakes! I used Ketchup and Syrup! Yum! 8:00AM- Went shopping for Christmas Decor! We went to Dollar Tree, 99cent store and Target! 9:00AM- We went Shopping for a X-mas Tree! And we found the one! 10:00AM- Came home and decorated X-mas Tree and House! 11:00AM-Took a Nap! Hahahaha! 2:00PM- Had Lunch at PINK'S 4:00PM- Went to Citadel Outlets to Shop! 8:00PM- Had a Ice Cream for snack and called it a day!!!!!
    8. You are vast One of a kind I nearly gaze to watch a sunset near you I feel and smell you Heavens knew what they were doing You are beautiful On sunny days I beg for more The waves caresses my body You crave the days to see you once more Sand all over the floor Please never change Forever more
    9. She is waiting for what seems eternity Her face as still as a portrait Her longing for more was distracting In what this city life has to offer her She will resist the longing if it's right And continue the fight of her life For she will be fine
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