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  1. more art here http://www.shannonkringen.com/photography.htm
  2. Current state of the USA? falling apart? whats happening?

    perfect image for how it feels right now in the USA. i saw this on a car and randomly took this photo....

    Free to publish photos by Shannon Kringen under Creative Commons:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/shannonkringen/albums



  3. Neurodiversity aRtistic/autistic/synesthesia i love this talk on high functioning autism by a musician who plays full time in an orchestra for a living Neurodiversity – the key that unlocked my world | Elisabeth Wiklander | TEDxGöteborg ...and now again pondering if that is my issue and why i feel so misunderstood and frustrated and like i have so much potential and yet i cannot seem to break free from my problems and am not even sure what i want in life. so grateful i can be an art model for a living while i try and figure out what i want to do beyond that in my own way. my mind is definitely different in some ways- i cannot stand drinking or smoking, never enjoyed parties or drugs or most social situations and yet i love music and nature and plants and animals- and i do repetitive rituals and feel more at ease when my life is routine in a certain way. my senses are heightened. smell/taste/touch/sound- i sense a lot and get easily overwhelmed. i feel a lack of connection with others and was told as a kid i was "shy". i felt left out/excluded/misunderstood and like i needed someone to help back me up more.... i never wanted to "fit in" as much as i craved being accepted as my own unique self and what i enjoy in others is their unique traits not their "fitting in" traits. i crave communication and yet when i do communicate with others a lot of the time it feels not satisfying at all. i am sad the therapy clinic i go to knows nothing about autism so they are not qualified to diagnose me and not even sure that would help me anyway? this might be something i need to work out on my own with the help of videos online and experts on neurodiversity. my goal is to know the real Shannon and make the best of the brain and body i was born with. i hope someday to be happy and feel like i belong somewhere....my whole life i have felt awkward and "left out" on some level. hard to explain. i connect the dots differently and love the concept of non duality beyond the "us" verses "them"- and appreciate the work of joespeh campbell- in finding the unity in the diversity of different cultures= which he was criticized and misunderstood on.... and hundertwasser= a painter/nudist/naturist/philospher who believed there are no straight lines in nature.... and all kinds of diverse minds. eckhart tolle and the "presence" he describes comforts me. i don't want to fall through the cracks. i want to make the best of my authentic self and want others who are "different" to feel they can appreciate themselves and find a place in society and not have to fight bullies etc. create a space for us all to be included. i need to figure out how to love myself and protect myself from harm etc. not sure im being clear here but trying to express clearly my points. i see music as shapes and moving textures. synesthesia is part of my brains way of sensing the world around me. when i hear music from certain cultures i can smell the food associated with that culture and i get hungry. now i need to figure out what abstract art prints to hang at the gallery/gift shop i was invited to show my work at.... http://www.shannonkringen.com/news.htm
  4. you say autistic i say artistic by Shannon Kringen you say autistic i say artistic autism artism the autistic artist? or the artistic autistic? in a flash she was freed from lightning lovers touch far away instead had inner light ignighting the way trying to understand with true clarity felt like an outsider pirate longing for the cove not wanting to fit in wanting to stand out yet be accepted for the unique role she plays not lazy at all like a doll with a secret under the bed water patterns broken glass san diego sand not eating pills like candy handing dandelions out landing standing solo beyond the tension of opposites composing or composting? self abandonment got her stranded again polluted and uprooted the face in the crowd took her hand raised her above water seeds free from judgement space to enter the vortex of authenticity clarity alone all one center focus balance risen above criticism the sky's not falling you are safe scattered chaos brain and all thought patterns risen above the witness speaks listening to silence be with nature mirroring back to you the perfect beauty of life you are dare to stare into the lens dare to care not to terror apart at the heart the art of knowing the glow of soul showing full mojo flow damn the torpedoes! allow life to feed us. more poetry by me here: http://www.shannonkringen.com/kringspeak.htm
  5. Oprah, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, #POTUS i, personally wanted Bernie Sanders to be #POTUS and agree with his ideas on healthcare and reducing the defense budget and ending all the financial hoarding and greed and money embezzling the top 1% who run things do. more of an actual democracy by adding democratic socialism into the mix here in the States....i think #Oprah is way more than a "celebrity. shes very political in her opinions and shes humanitarian and very philosophical in her thinking. she seems grounded and spiritually aware to me and very international in her large open mind- i think she appreciates other cultures and would be good at international diplomacy and negotiations. she's a good speaker and has a very sharp mind. i believe in not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. i believe in seeing what is a of value in every person and then discarding the BS. every person has some wisdom somewhere even "Donald" i am sure... i see Oprah as grey- not 100% "good" or 100% "bad" everyone is complex...maybe everyone is partly Luke Skywalker and part Darth Vader, Part Gandhi and part Hitler? i admire Oprah and find her intelligent and inspirational. and it it amazing that in this culture in the USA an "overweight black woman" can be so successful! i see Oprah as positive and authentically living her potential pushing her dreams as far as they can go and hoping others will be uplifted and want to do whatever their own dream pursuing is- i don't think she assumes everyone wants "wealth and fame" everyone has their own desire and path. i don't think her message is shallow and materialistic but if someone wants to chase material wealth and is just playing an ego trip game that is their choice....i think her message is EMPOWER yourself, do what you Love and don't let anyone discourage you including YOURSELF. i am personally thrilled that Oprah made Eckhart Tolle's message of "the power of now" more widely known and more mainstream- the idea of being present and meditating on the present moment awareness is tremendously helpful and valuable and healing in today's stressful world with so many feeling suicidal and living in poverty etc. struggling to survive etc. people love to fight and argue. DRAMA drama DRAMA, i'm tired of this "us" verses "them" when someone is rich and or famous no matter what their skin color they get heavily judged and scrutinized and projected onto. back to focus on whatever i can do in this world that is hopefully helpful. to each their own! and i'm not perfect either i have a big dark side along with my wonderful traits. just loving and accepting myself and others and not judging is one of my biggest goals right now. can i appreciate life as it is? etc. and make the best of this life- while i am here on planet earth? this is all temporary. and truthfully in the USA to become president one must have access to millions and millions of dollars or be good at raising huge funds- it's a bizarre money corrupt system in politics these days. i do wonder and would guess that Oprah's platform would be to fight for medicare for all #singlepayer healthcare for all citizens equally in the USA and she would hopefully fight for the rights of POC, women and mentally ill and low income citizens. but who knows? just my thoughts as of today. the only thing i can think of that i like about Donald Trump is that he is a “rebel” and likes to break rules- it’s just that the way he believes in rebelling i disagree with. i see Bernie Sanders as the good kind of “rebel” wanting to fight to medicare for all and higher wages for the low income (and lower wages for those who hoard money and make too much while paying low end workers poverty wages that have been stagnating for over 20 years) and for the equal rights of women and #poc and to lessen the military budget AND take better care of the veterans and protect the environment and invest in solar power= shake things UP IN A GOOD WAY. #medicareforall
  6. 2 places in seattle showing shannon kringen art

    seattle friends: Come see my aRt live in person in Seattle! Dr. Shalit's office: Monday through Friday 9-12 and 2-5pm 901 Boren Ave. suite 850 Seattle WA (near Madison) now through February 2018

    Shannon Kringen aRt show now Through Feb 2018 Seattle


    Shannon Kringen aRt show in Fremont
    opens Friday 2/2/18

    Art FX
    420 N. 35th St.
    Seattle, WA 98103


  7. Going to go hang my art now I'll take photos and share  https://www.flickr.com/photos/shannonkringen/

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