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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald Meek Donald Meek
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Socialism- and the Democrats

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Donald Meek i like Bernies ideas for the most part i am rather reserved though at times and might choose a different democrat that endorses cannabis as much as bernie and rare to find that..but such as Warren whom seems grand also heck i am talking about supporting a democrat they best be for cannabis legalization fully and working on making it legal in the next election. i have my concerns that Bernie could be a bit anti establishment more than i in my ripe old age could support. but he would far be the choice over what we had last time Hillary Billary that was so middle of the road I couldnt vote for her reason enough that i not fond of Biden his role in war on drugs nor is anti cannabis rants hes so middle of the road also so i appreciate someone like Bernie alot in politics and will most likely vote for him with all due respect to all democrats best of luck to you in your endevor and please make cannabis legal i have never voted democrat for President ever always voted socialist so this would be a first any democrat that is cannabis friendly i will grant my undieing support for with some reservations. this is a record year where socialist ideas are comming to the democratic forum after my whole voting carreer of nearly 44 years

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Donald Meek I am happy that Bernie is not afraid of socialist topics or democratic socialist topics that is.. i personally voted socialist due to them being concerned with the poor and disabled (of which i am one) also the middle class ranks very high with socialists and Bernie really does it best..i often wonder though if the more socialist a country becomes the more it seem to want to own its citizenry.. i often ponder that type thing and drives me rather mad, Owns meaning that socialist perhaps make more laws concerning its citizenry or feel the need to have ownership if they taking care of you then can they not own you tell you what drugs to do or not do.. invade your body mind space have some legal say as to the individual choices one might make.. for the betterment of society you see..or to profit the bottom line also is good cause to wonder

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Donald Meek this republic democracy and socialist state has been that way since the first road was working on as a community and thats one long time you people that shun the word socialist and want to compare it to something more sinister than simple government with a responsibility to the people or what the constitution calls the general welfare its written in our constitution and has been a part of america since the begining yet you right wingers for no real reason want to oppose it like its some communist idea.. and its basic really communism and real socialism isnt even being considered by world standards its a more euro flavored democratic socialism and i know that has the word socialism in it.. i tell you its so common that most all governments of any size are somewhat socialist or one can find socialist elements WE the PEOPLE... that even could be construe a bit socialist but of course what do right wingers care of the constitution anyways

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i been voting CANNABIS votes for many years now  any party that will endorse cannabis i am going with nearly

unless its totally not tolerable such as Nazi party i will not consider even though they hide under socialist green and libertarian combined party one wonders though and that alone should make us scream what?

that being said there are fine republicans whom support cannabis i am sure many of the constituents are conservative cannabis users.. i chat with some at times. i know this doesn't have to be a partisan issue

libertarians are conservatives whom believe that none of the governments business inside our bodies they in general support cannabis legalization.

what if trump came out tomorrow in support of cannabis more so that he already does he gets about a C average i think or a D perhaps even but not failing the President gets a better rating than Joe Biden in some circles

why middle of the road democrats are worse choices than some republicans and even Trump.. on Cannabis issues.

i am happy hemp is legal now thats a big plus.

and thank you to the President for making Hemp a choice in the USA

let the CBD;s flow freely

for a better tomrrow



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i was saying on facebook that if the Democrats do not find a Cannabis Friendly candidate i am voting cannabis 2020 and perhaps switching my vote to liberatarian after all these years with cannabis friendly socialists

while socilists i like in general the concern for the downtrodden the poor class and the working class.

bite the big weener of giant business at times perhaps yet really if cannabis gets on the ballot with something other than socialist i am doing that perhaps.

i have been ranting and raving like a liberatarian since i was very young.

in that this is our body let government back off the thing


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