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Micro.Theater Micro.Theater
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  • OUR PRICES are Political/Social/Philosophical Statements and represent where i am finding out I am in life 


    Store Credits from PATREON <click here


  • All .don meek. ART signed UPON SALE


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  • if you like mine or others work on here

    the music or the lyric sheets

    the magical illusions 

    then please SUPPORT MY CAUSE 

    dontate any amount to MK-donald

    don meek



    the most dangerous occupation in the world is being OUT with the OUTCROWD

    protect me from future poverty please






  • Current Donation Goals

    • Raised $6,037 of $67,968 target
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  • If you wonder why my pricing is such i can only say that my prices are a Political statement mostly yet also i feel that my true worth of my items from my 59 years of magic art philos and music as a possible philosophical model for a few muse that hang with the rather elite of rock and roll and blues new wave pop rock etc

    how this is i am not sure

    i have a couple muse that i CALL MRx2

    these muse it seems hang or communicate with musicians of local and national importance at times

    i can not prove this as one of my MUSE is no longer with us my brother my favorite muse

    and one of my close friends also seemly has the same skill for attracting rock and rollers everywhere

    my prices are such I truly value my work and effort. and my position in life if it is what I think it is then somewhere i have more power than i thought to influence society as a whole that is worth a bit more than you think for all the LUCK and MIRACLES that it takes to make this happen


    i have been doing Magic of either mechanical or social/musical/philosophical magic for 59 years and going on//

    thats worth about a million or more in it self

    trust me its worth it

    truely yours

    .don meek

    the Magician 19

    nod keem



    please if you like any of my ideas or stories art music or lyric sheets please SUPPORT MY CAUSE

    send any amount you can and please do it now or today please do not put it off

    any and all amounts are welcome even small amounts anything you can afford

    please keep me alive and in business here as a ardiest philos and magician of musical illusions

    please again SUPPORT MY CAUSE

    thank you

    The Philosophical Model and Magician 19

    .don meek

    nod keem









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