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    Citizen Of Service

    Civilian service

    Tuesday, September 8, 2020

    5:55 PM

    From one Civilian to a other.

    Hey take note I am requesting your action.

    If you  care to write a thankyou for your service letter

    I was of service to a nation in a civilian fashion.

    I would love some letters of interest or appreciation.

    Here is a example you may do your own

    In consideration of service to a nation in a civilian fashion by taking part in a classified science experiment we thank Donald Meek for his service.

    Something like this that I can hang on my wall and notice that some one cares

    Attach with tape any amount of coin or cash.

    Make it a real service award.

    When complete send to

    Donald Meek

    PO BOX 23222

    Seattle WA 98102

    Raised $0.00



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