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April Fools - The Grandfather of all unofficial holidays



Ah! April Fools Day:  the most well known and well loved of the unofficial holidays.  April Fools day is probably the oldest unofficial holiday and is observed in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Scandinavia and is also referred to in Indian and Romanian culture.  There doesn't seem to be a consensus on how April Fools started, but it may go as far back as 14th century England!

For those who have been living under a rock, April Fools happens on April 1st of every year and is observed by playing practical jokes on your freinds and family.  Jokes can range from the harmless and barely noticable to the downright cruel.  I prefer somewhere in between.

My favorite April Fools prank that I play nearly every year is to put a peice of tape over the laser part of the laser mouse at the workstations in my work place and then watching my coworkers confusion and frustration as they try to get the mouse to work by shaking, banging and otherwise making a fool of themselves.  It's great fun!

What is your favorite April Fools Day prank?


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