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Not much of a story today because I’m still hunt&peck typing as my hand recovers, but this is the view that I can…whats the word for this….develop?  My new place has this potentially incredible view, but there’s a lot of work I have to do in clearing brush and trimming trees to make it both gorgeous and fire safe.  So this doesn’t exist yet, but it will.  It’s my vision for the future.  This is from Cathey’s Valley looking up into the high Sierras basically just to the right of Yosemite Natl. Park.  I haven’t had a non-stormy day to really stare out at the mountains but I think I actually can see Half Dome.  It’s bee quite a crazy few weeks moving out onto a piece of bare dirt, but the old barn has already been turned into a water-proof area, and another barn is getting moved up there today.  Discovered a good spring too so we’ve got water (knew there had to be one somewhere).  It’s the backwater of the boondocks up here, not a stop light in the entire county and lots and lots of fresh air.  The central valley of california has lots of dust from all the farming, so as the sun sets in the evening, the skies turn blood red in these gorgeous sunsets as the light travels through that lower dust layer.  I’ve never seen such brilliant golden hour sunsets.  Truly breathtakingly out of this world.  I’m very excited to step out on a new adventure here.  Now all I have to do is strike gold.  Or oil.  I’m not picky.  

I know. I’mm gonna strike vino because X needs a big supply apparently.  


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