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  1. View the full article
  2. Cool doggo commission for Danielle. Thank you! View the full article
  3. After watching Aquaman last year, it blew me away and cant help but to make a pin-up out of it! Prolly one of the best and fun movies last year! Would love to see more of something like that in future DC movies. Done in #copicmarkers #posca and Opaque white on comic art boards. View the full article
  4. photo by eosAndy View the full article
  5. 2019 Buy @ RedBubble Buy @ NeatoShop Buy @ Threadless Buy @ TeePublic View the full article
  6. Squiggly Noodle: living embodiment of the Cosmic Giggle. Tickle the Universe. Her eyes see in all directions, she doesn't miss any of the hilarity. www.devineescapes.com/squiggly… 7 feet 3 inches tall. A natural material assemblage sculpture, built using stone masonry techniques. View the full article
  7. Hallshot of my Sailor Cosmos from Otakon 2019. Everything including the wig, sailor fuku, accessories, and staff were created by me. I'm hoping to make some changes in the future, but considering this is my first fuku I'm pretty proud of how it turned out! View this post on Instagram View the full article
  8. my two ocs that i still haven't named yet heh so many people mistaking the silver haired one for a guy thoooo shes a girl !! premium version has no wtm obviously View the full article
  9. Commissioned by View the full article
  10. You can also follow my work on: - www.facebook.com/luka567 - Viewbug - Flickr - Instagram View the full article
  11. I wanted to do some character design practice so I drew this dapper young man using the 1940's as reference. The story is that he doesn't look it but he's actually an undercover detective trying to take down the mob in tinsel town. Enjoy! View the full article
  12. This one has given me an ear worm - If I could turn back time.. Aeon Engine Oils on Gessoed Daler_Rowney 'sandstone' board. Approx 22" x 16". Another new one for Magic the Gathering's Commander 2019, and with a fun mechanic that reverse the direction of play. #aeonengine #commander2019 #mtgart #oilpainting #ificouldturnbacktime View the full article
  13. Goddess of the Sea from Hawaii Deity. Here's my take on it Spicy (NSFW) version can be found from my Patreon. www.patreon.com/glintastickevi… I'm also available for freelance and open for commissions. If interested, feel free to send me a note or email me! View the full article
  14. personal work View the full article
  15. Concept art for the Video game DeusExHR (Eidos / SquareEnix) View the full article
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