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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald Meek Donald Meek
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  1. A big commission for Avelos who has been very lovely to work with! I'm so happy I got to draw this character and this kind of landscapes are also one of my favorites to draw. c: ♥ View the full article
  2. Dtiys Challenge picture for dodo.doodlez The overall feel of the piece got me really good, so I joined in on that one. Her piece: www.instagram.com/p/CC2Nq8FJY-l/ Go check her insta: www.instagram.com/dodo.doodle/ View the full article
  3. Taken at night in Singapore forest. Quote from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odontoma… Odontomachus, or trap-jaw ants, is a genus of omnivorous ants found in the tropics and subtropics throughout the world. Commonly known as trap-jaw ants, species in Odontomachus have a pair of large, straight mandibles capable of opening 180 degrees. These jaws are locked in place by an internal mechanism, and can snap shut on prey or objects when sensory hairs on the inside of the mandibles are touched. The mandibles are powerful and fast, giving the ant its common name. The mandibles either kill or maim the prey, allowing the ant to bring it back to the nest. Odontomachus can simply lock and snap its jaws again if one bite is not enough, or to cut off bits of larger food. The mandibles also permit slow and fine movements for other tasks such as nest building and care of larvae.[citation needed] The ants were also observed to use their jaws as a catapult to eject intruders or fling themselves backwards to escape a threat.[2][3] The larvae of trap-jaw ants are remarkable[4] in being ornamented with long spikes and presenting dorsal adhesive pads for fixation onto internal ant nest walls.[5] They are carnivorous, extremely active larvae. Apparently, they undergo three larval moults before entering metamorphosis.[5] Their larvae use substrate to spin cocoons. View the full article
  4. The surface of planet Mercury. View the full article
  5. Diseño: Juan Angarita Modelo: Gerson Morales -Canon 600D/T3i ------------------------------------------------------------ INSTAGRAM **Please don't copy, steal or manipulate my work. You can make drawings (Digital and traditional) of this if you want, but please, tell me before and give me credit in your drawing description with this link of my profile --> JeisonRodriguez <------ (I'll add all drawings in a specified folder in my favorites section ) Thanks View the full article
  6. Painting inspired by the purity of form evident in Brutalist architecture. Instagram: www.instagram.com/nick_stath/?… Twitter: twitter.com/nickstath2?lang=en Artstation: www.artstation.com/nick_stath Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCREcE… View the full article
  7. A dog waiting for an important letter. Originally posted here: portfolio.hyperlinkyourheart.c… View the full article
  8. Revenge on Qsaike! -COMMISSION INFO- - Toyhouse - Instagram - Artfight - Twitter - Youtube - View the full article
  9. some work View the full article
  10. Second Commission for IDK WHY but I always feel insiper while drawing you Oc's o-o' Hope you'll like it!^^' Also was inspire by this masterpice! T vT --- Forest of Liars : remains of the past Previos commission from her! .-Instagram - @joya.channel/berrybeast (Traditional posts~!)-. .-Youtube - www.youtube.com/channel/UCjy-q… (Speed paints~!)-. .-ArtStation - www.artstation.com/joyachannel-. .-Twitter - twitter.com/GioiaPlay-. Please ask me if you want to use my artwork! View the full article
  11. This photo and others from the photoshoot are available as EXCLUSIVE set at my Patreon in July Patrons from My Wizard tier and above will receive HQ photos. Full set at My King tier. Subscribing my Patreon you support my creativity and receive wonderful rewards www.patreon.com/ladalyumos Model: Lada Lyumos (me) Costume made by Lada Lyumos (me) MUA Lada Lyumos (me) Ph: DzetaRion Wig: @evaflowering I will be glad to see you at my socials www.instagram.com/ladalyumos twitter.com/Lada_lyumosCOS www.facebook.com/lada.lyumos.c… View the full article
  12. Finally some new stuff! It's been a hectic spring with the pandemic and starting at my new job at Remedy but hopefully I can find some time during the end of the year to continue my personal projects. Hope you enjoy this image, I tried to push my character skills a bit with this one View the full article
  13. 50x70cm View the full article
  14. Erin's Building Hall. Background illustration for a visual novel. If you are looking for a background artist please email me! View the full article
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