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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald Meek Donald Meek
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  1. Early 2019 illustration for “Invisible Sun” RPG board game. Not completely happy with the results. View the full article
  2. My Original character Tuikku. The title means: arsenic does not make you fat it's a text I have in my keychain. View the full article
  3. thanks again for this commission! View the full article
  4. The Evil Within Joseph Oda & ph & mua - me View the full article
  5. Malachius bipustulatus, malachite beetle View the full article
  6. www.instagram.com/ammmartinwww.instagram.com/naturfrankenwww.facebook.com/naturfranken View the full article
  7. "But the folks down there don't have the luxury of choice, you know?" Final Fantasy 7 Remake fan art Digital painting done on Photoshop View the full article
  8. Inspired by the bathroom at the time when I studied abroad to Florence, Italy and lived in an old apartment. View the full article
  9. A little study I did of a picture my sister took View the full article
  10. still a commission for little sweetheart There is a ten-month gap between her two commissions, I think I have made some progress, maybe. At first, I hoped that the horse was run out of the fog, but in the end, I used such a dim color as her background. And, can you find cute Moon Crows here? View the full article
  11. An illustration I made together with the team at smv_studio way back in the day was released! Fun to see this again. It's been almost 6 years since it was made! 😆 To get all the latest art updates follow EsbenLash on Instagram View the full article
  12. "Social Distancing Date" I wanted to take bit of lighthearted approach to contrast the current situation and remixed an iconic scene to show that love (and food!) can be shared even over (social) distance. View the full article
  13. View the full article
  14. COMMISSIONS TUMBLR | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | KO-FI | ETSY | REDBUBBLE | INPRNT Edit; Thank you so much to TsaoShin for featuring this as a Daily Deviation! Absol is one of my all-time favourite Pokémon and I draw it way too seldom. I have been wanting to make a proper illustration of it for such a long time now and I finally got around to do it! I decided to tackle the issues I have had with its design (I love the design btw, just "issues" as in "how the hell would this and that part work") and really think into how to make sense of things. My approach was to basically smash together some mountain goats and random big feline traits. I really like how the horns turned out, those have been the biggest struggle for me forever. So the horns aren't symmetrical and there are three of them. This one is also extra fluffy because it lives high up in the mountains and warns people and other Pokémon of avalanches. When I first saw an Absol in Pokémon Ruby I thought it was an ice type so I guess ever since then I have associated it with ice. I hope you like it! Media iPad Pro | Procreate Time taken 18+ hours Pokemon © Nintendo Game Freak Art © ShadeofShinon You are not allowed to trace/copy/edit my artwork on DA or any other site and claim it as your own. Any use that is not non-profit strictly forbidden.FAQ/ART USAGE View the full article
  15. She'll take care of them! 👊😤 and she'll take care of you! 😙✨ ▪ requested by jukajo (who also helped out with fixing the face 😁 ty), based off of Aerith's battle quotes. ❤ My girl. Gets. Shit. Done! ❤ Love u bby! ❤ [ on twitter / insta ] View the full article
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