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  1. Devil cosplay done 👌 View the full article
  2. Adonis X Arashi (commission work!) View the full article
  3. we encounter each other in abyss View the full article
  4. Lawd, he comin' for that snacc. It's been awhile since I've drawing something serious, due to my personal life being rather busy. Decided this particular subject matter of morning coffee with a friendly chonker would be a good way to de-stress, and I think it worked! Hope y'all like! 20-21 hours in Photoshop~ View the full article
  5. This cutie's name is Mei, she is a dryad living inside a dogwood tree and was created and imagine by my friend Edward a.k.a. Barosus. She is a character in his fantastical series The Phibiemancer/The Llama Files. Her unique appearance and endearing personality really inspired me to paint her, so I've been working on her on and off over the course of a year or so. Be sure to check out Edward's exhilarating tales of an amphibian-magician and his adventures on the border between our world and the magical one. Painted in Photoshop CC 2017/Paintstorm Studio Intuos 3/Huion Kamvas Pro View the full article
  6. Book cover for the upcoming "Praetorianus" sci-fi novel (written by Harrison Fawcett. Published by Tuan Publishing). Had a lot of fun working on this one! Enjoy! View the full article
  7. Inspired by Dragon Age: Inquisition © BioWare, Electronic Arts. October 7, 2019 / Wacom Intuos 3, Adobe Photoshop CC Private commission. View the full article
  8. how am i supposed to resurrect the dragon now? artwork i did for my patreon: www.patreon.com/posts/30655510 View the full article
  9. Long time I did not pose to here.Thank you you guys who still watch me. Contact me for commission dechakamphu@gmail.com View the full article
  10. High resolution & quality image available on Patreon View the full article
  11. A Symbaroum Tabletop RPG NPC portrait commission. Better quality here: www.artstation.com/artwork/xzP… More of my work here: lodal.artstation.com/ www.instagram.com/lodaligae/ View the full article
  12. Some light body horror for this one. View the full article
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