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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald Meek Donald Meek
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  1. https://erowid.org/psychoactives/war/mkultra/mkultra_timeline.php?fbclid=IwAR2q_zJD4tMnU1FxkjPKLDRR0C0tf4t9l-GTAP4kzmrnD0DvPOQhFVuPIBI time line of mkultra
  2. at any rate I always wanted to be of service always as a kid with the war on i wondered where i would fit in here i mean i had a hard time with this actually and wanted this type of being available for service i was ripe and ready at a very young age even before such events i boast about. so i am sorry if i complain i am still torn between service and what happened to me.. but that is ok i am fine with just being of servitude service dude service teen age artist type liberatarians son being of service is what i was built for.
  3. ok part of me suffers this side of being torn from my religion i can not explain the pain of that and what the means to a general religious person. yet that being done to me I also feel like a child of service in that the government for what ever reason needed some one to experiment on. a subject matter. i was there for my nation and will be at any time . yet what happened to for God and Country? something is lost in here somewhere and i fear for that at times. i am torn at times between being of servitude to a nation and having my religious rights stripped from me at such a tender young impressionable age. truly torn in this matter..
  4. i was saying on facebook that if the Democrats do not find a Cannabis Friendly candidate i am voting cannabis 2020 and perhaps switching my vote to liberatarian after all these years with cannabis friendly socialists while socilists i like in general the concern for the downtrodden the poor class and the working class. bite the big weener of giant business at times perhaps yet really if cannabis gets on the ballot with something other than socialist i am doing that perhaps. i have been ranting and raving like a liberatarian since i was very young. in that this is our body let government back off the thing
  5. I am in sorrow over any war really yet in practice its more a rule of living that war exists and will in the future yet the face of war has and will change. are we more likely to get along in the Atomic Age? rather than blow up the world we find more common grounds to base a peaceful existence on or the closer we acknowledge each other the more our difference comes out and poses a threat to the peace process.
  6. dont listen to me i know nothing much of the situation in Iran whom did what to whom when and where what do i really know it seems congress is even wondering that same questions war or no war.. well fine the comander in chief is in a conflict it seems yet its up to congress to act and declare war if such and when is needed.. Lets hope some simple solution is found.
  7. this was more work and more fun to make than it is to look at
  8. Donald Meek people freak over issues of war its natural since it does involve high risk of death for people.; It becomes a issue to ponder i believe there is a time and season also that after being backed against a wall and suffering much loss we need to take a stand on occasion. then again the surrounding sanctions and war mongering against Iran we must add to the puzzle. Do we think Iran really started this? at times in the past we might felt the need to bow out of major conflicts and be the bigger nation. Is it really any wonder the Child Like President currently has other plans it would seem.
  9. Donald Meek wait untill the government thinks they own your BODY including your mind and they do with it as they please unregulated MINDKONTOL happens.. my Christian Bible it is written render unto cezar that which is his and unto God that which is Gods.our Bodies and MINDS are Gods gift to us and really divine now if you want to grant control of your body and mind over to some government offical to control and do with what ever that is your choice you can be of service to government also and i wouldnt suggest otherwise
  10. click artist and music then ARD ART MUZ find ascap for main stream music
  11. January Gallery News Opening Reception for: Viewpoint: Landscape and Architecture First Friday Art Walk on the East Side Friday January 3 6-8:00 pm Upcoming Calls for Entry: Black and White: 2020 Deadline: January 10 Exhibition catalogs available for purchase at Blurb Books. The gallery does not stock the catalogs. Vision: Color Photography Framed: Portrait Photography Photo Shoot: 2019 WHAT: Cars and Dogs Black and White: 2019 Black Box Gallery 811 East Burnside St., # 212 Portland, Oregon 97214
  12. is our understanding of gender a social constraints is dress hair etc or measure of strength intelligence or emotion really gender related?
  13. save the children everywhere
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  15. Donald Meek that whole demonizing of government i see is popular yet really a bad president of form and i do not side with those whom make out a dark sided government yet agreed government is not perfect and has flaws. i wouldnt mind his retoric and call it extreme is all i at times see that side a littlest bits and pieces in my own life i could complain alot more about such matters yet i find little argument with what government may have done to me. with some major reserve to first amendment rights being taken i was truely of service yet given this dark talk of government someone can and will take my mild complaint and blow it up to some deep dark disturbed government. i would rather not complain at all if thats the case..
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