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May 23rd is Lucky Penny Day!



Hi All! It's May 23, which means it is Lucky Penny Day! Have you ever found a penny lying on the ground? If you live in a country that has pennies, such as the United States and Britain, well then of course you have! Did you know what luck picking up these pennies can bring you?


No one knows who started Lucky Penny Day or when, but some say it may be a twist on the “See a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck.” and similar verses you might find in American Folklore. I recall my Grandmother saying this and thinking how horrifying it would be to step on a pin, and so of course I'm going to pick it up! Maybe the good luck is in not stepping on it. And maybe the good luck of finding a penny is in becoming a penny richer!


Whether you believe in this superstition or not, there are many who do. When they find a penny on the ground they think of it as good luck and will keep it in their pocket, shoe, or some other traditional place. Some superstitions hold that one should only pick up a penny that is lying face up. Others say that if you see a penny lying face down, turn it over for another to find their luck! Other superstitions around lucky pennies hold that when a ghost is trying to let you know they are with you, they will leave pennies around for you to find. I personally am not sure about this because there are so many pennies lying all over the ground anywhere you go. How on earth could one say which ghost is trying to state their presence!?


At any rate, Lucky Penny Day is a day to remember this fun (and lucrative) tradition. Today, take a point to look on the ground wherever you go and see if you can find a lucky penny. Some really good places to find stray – ehem I mean LUCKY-- pennies are in a parking lot of a store, fairs, festivals, and sports stadiums.


So, enjoy this day and remember, pennies are probably going to be extinct within the next few decades, so when you're picking one up, not only do you gain good luck, but a potential collectors item!



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