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June 24 is Swim-a-Lap Day!



Hi again All! I appreciate your patience while I was once again on haitus. I may have been gone for a spell, but the calendar pages are always turning, and every day is an unofficial holiday of some sort! Speaking of which, June 24 is International Swim-a-Lap Day! This is a day when we are encouraged to celebrate the ancient pastime of swimming and the engagement of it for sport and excersize!

Done regularly, swimming can offer so many health benefits. It burns a substantial amount of calories, increases the heart rate and builds muscle strength. Swimming can also reduce stress and help one relax. In children, swimming can help build posture, increase coordination and flexibility and can help with motor development. Swimming might just be the ideal form of excersize!

Humans have been swimming since no later than prehistoric times (maybe earlier!). References to swimming have been found on stone age paintings dating back to over 7000 years ago! And written references to swimming date from 2000 B.C.!

Swimming emerged as a competitive sport in 19th century England, although there is historical reference to the Japanese inventing it. Today, swimming is one of the most popular competitive sports. You can find competitive swimmers of all levels and ages, from toddlers to adults at the Olympics! At the Olympics, you will find four kinds of swimming styles: the front crawl, backstroke, butterfly stroke and the breaststroke. If you are interested in learning more about how to perform these strokes, you can find multitude videos on Youtube, or take a class at your local rec center pool!

So, this weekend hop in a pool, lake, bay, or some other body of water and take a lap or two for your health, enjoyment, and for Swim-a-Lap Day!




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