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hi yas can i just ramble on for a hour while no editing much?

forgive my grammer then or spelling even. dang me thanks to gramierty or what ever its called.

i got 7 errors so far to correct.

well, this is cool a blog area...  

I can ramble on this nicely.

thinking about ALT universes if some alternate synced up the universe or fill in space with the spiritual world.

I like it some don't though.. so I must take care not to offend those that do not believe.

after all, these are our neighbors.

love God love thy Neighbor.

simple I guess

you should try it

ok what if UFOs exist?

seems like I see one

are aliens connected?

I think so

simple light show one night while traveling with my wife our daughter and our friend.

a friend shouts out HEY there's a FUNKING UFO.

sure enough not even sunset yet and there the brightest star in the seemly FOREGROUND to the horizon.. like it's a hanging burning bush right there in space or something.

yes, a burning bush for real up maybe 100 ft maybe 300 ft in the air over a field maybe 2 miles from our road i

wanted to discover it yet didn't follow to see where it was.

I just said oh yes UFOS sure I see them all the time.

remembering when I was a kid and a nighttime light up airplane flowed over head

we thought that was a UFO

anyways it was light out still maybe an hour or three before sunset



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