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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald A. Tom Meek Donald A. Tom Meek



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slave to the machine

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The philosophy that science suggests that only that which contains facts can be claimed as truth, which, since it also asserts that nothing is absolute, brings into question what is truth. Also, this concept leaves ancient wisdom left with being called false, or it is considered a half-truth due to our limits of technology to prove it. Our mechanical limits are there to inhibit our understanding of truth. Once might concern themselves if this is genuinely a better philosophy this idea that truth requires hard fact. Rather than faith that may also contain the nonabsolute truism. Is it fair to contain our truth within our limited mechanics? To be ruled by the technological world? or is there a greater truth that is simply arrived at by faith in the ancient wisdom? to be a slave to a machine is I think not a great advancement in our society. We perhaps are yes De-Evolving.

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