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Une not One an philosophical model

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Une not One an philosophical model

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

1:06 PM

Abstract atomic  math 101

A probable base eight system with 2 Une"s which are 2 to infinity  and 2 from infinity

I say probable due to the unknown if you can figure what base this is please let me know.

The infinite inside and outside makes this a big puzzle

Where the Une can represent infinity it might be base infinite

Of sorts also perhaps not sure?? You figure it out get back to me

I know nothing at this point and I am learning along with you here.




Philosophy based on theology and science  not science exactly


One does not exist in nature and perhaps zero should be considered a imaginary number also not real in the sense of our natural world. So we will eliminate 0 and 1 from any calculations

If we check even a atom is a multi objected item it has many parts therefore can not be seen as one even the smallest subatomic particle can be thought of as UNE or a cup of items unknown number starting with the first real number 2 the smallest subatomic particle can be seen as Uas2 or a unit of possible two or more items

It also has a inside and outside to any particle making it 4 at minimum

Or Uas4ofU=Uas2+2ofU

 both inside and outside represented here in Uas?ofU


So any single particle can be  and is probablity is made of smaller things we will find someday



One does not exist; it is UNE. A cup of items or atoms or vibes is all

une = infinity

the universe is UNE


that cup of things is UNE


Uas 23456789 ofU



And 0 and 1 can be taught as unnatural numbers yet not to be used in abstract atomic math

vOId  v01d

Void 01 are this

Don’t exist void



So (1)U23456789U(0)


Would be our new number system of 12 measurements be  perhaps base 12 NO it would not since we do not use these number yet we might need them to calculate this math so sorta half included

By understanding all the 12 numbers we can decide to use the Atomic UNE's or the Unnatural numbers 1/0

Don’t tell the digital age that ones and zeros don’t exist

Does off exist if everything has energy even that unnoticed has energy inherent in it so its only a degree of OFF that exists total off is not found in nature since everything is a TURN ON in nature or has energy in it. All is a vibe at its base a series of small dots that create a vibe at the lowest levels of subatomic existance



These number can be taught and should be included for historical purposes

Zero and one are unnatural numbers






U as infinity equals U (alone)




UNEas 2 to infinity

ofUNE from infinity backwards from/to  2





Infinity maybe also be calculated  U+U=infinity or U

U=infinity or

Uas (infinity symbol)'

UasU=infinity proper

U+U=U as infinity




Perhaps we can change the word infinity to Unfinity


The first U is to know the infinity or universe within all things each UNE/ONE item is the universe within as atoms and subatomic water and other subatomic particles we can now label items as Uas6  (246) for example to represent the number of major items in hot water and tea leafs in a cup of tea.


The Universe WITHIN as a number

The infinity within


And the last U on the list after 9 is the universe without as UNE Infinity as UNE

The universe without and its math and infinity the two infinities within and without come true in abstract atomic math


Things that are within and without

Energy is both within and without

In the sun the energy is store but it is released outwards as light heat radiations

When light is middle of the void or air or the subatomic waters it is without its source

This is when you might use ofU as a calculation perhaps maybe

Where ofU is just whats short of infinity

And without

Time and other concepts that we think are real are possibly without

Love perhaps is a energy and without at times also

Emotions perhaps without also

Energy time emotions theory even is without

Concepts are without

Time relies on two physical bodies in motion but it’s a measure between them so is a concept more or less and is without mostly





Une as or Uas is 2 to infinity and ofU or ofUne is this side of infinity where U is infinity  so 2ofU is 2 short of infinity Uas2ofUne (or any number larger than 2)is the number after infinity where 2 of UNE is 2 before infinity

We can abstractly set infinity and do math computations backwards from it or beyond it either way. Beyond infinity is as this  2ofUUas2 or any number to infinity



UNE should start Uas or UNEas and end any numerical order in single digits as ofU or of Une . It should be taught as both UNE or one cup of somethings and at the end of any math scale, the end being Infinity at the end of all math. U plus U is U also really at times and sometimes more

2 is the first valid real number that exists as an actual number 2. Even the smallest subatomic particles we can find and identify can be thought of as 2 of something or une U a cup of items.

2 is the first real number UNE exists, but not as ONE ONE DOES NOT EXIST

it is imaginary only, not a real one

UNE U forever heretofore


naldo ray head

U=2 the smallest particle can be seen as 2 or U

U=U same as above

U+U=U two lovers in love having a Union a tea bag plus a cup of water equals UNE CUP of tea

U+U=3 the family after the birth of a child

U+U=4 one UNE is 2 or more

U=2 or more to infinity  these can be expressed as Uas2 Uas3 Uas4 etc. to infinity

there is NO Uas1

U=infinity the universe and beyond is UNE

UNE never equals zero or 1  it is 2 or greater in essence


Zero also is in question if nothing really exists or not we use zeros to prop up the rest of the numbers when adding over single digits it has its use but lets replace that with UNE then something that represents at least 2 or more  so 500 would look like 5UU as a rule use UNE or U as and in place of the nonexistent zeros of the world

UUU might represent U00 for example which would be no less than 222 and perhaps more


100 through 221 will not exist in abstract math

It will be 99 or Uas99 then 222 or Uas222

100-221 will be gone no more

Likewise 1000 or 1 of any amount will not be seen it will be UUUU Unethousand

It will be UNEthousand and represent 2222


I am not sure but my abstract atomic math appears to be base 8 math

Ten is missing 2 numbers zero and one and it starts at 2 so U23456789U

Where U can be any number over 2

Base eight math is not unknown

Its just different that conventional math

Could it be base 7 math?
if you take 999 and minus 222 you get 777

I am unsure if its truly base 7 or 8 by standard defination its base 8

But if you eliminate the 1 or 0 all you have is 8 numbers but 9 the highest number and 2 the lowest number equal seven when deducted so I like to think its really base 7 due to how I calculate it with out 1 or 0

There are only 9 minus 2 is seven


There is no 10 in my math this is base 7


Never mind my questioning this but it is basically base 8 with 2 Unes of 2 to infinity and 2 from infinity what base that is is rather confusing here so I ponder it has 10 units of measure but it sure isnt base 10 so what is it?

Its like base 8 to infinity of sorts where infinity is Uas = 2 to infinity and/or ofU =2 from infinity

Yet not base ten I am sure



999 2222 2223 2224 2225 2226 2227 2228 2229 2232

999 UUUU UUU3 UUU4 etc


333U 3333 3334 etc


Some samples of U

Uas22 (10) is a coin with its five sides each side granted 2points or 22 (10)

Uas4 for a ROCK which has a inside and a outside or Ux2=4 or Uas4 or as Uas2 if you count the inside and outside as the reasoning behind 2 being the minimal number.

Everything has a inside and outside therefore any item is at least 2 also

Perhaps 4 if inside is valued at 2 and outside same then Uas4 everything might start out as

However since inside is measure as Uas and outside as ofU then perhaps any object is uas2 and 2ofu both and together even




2ofU the edge of the universe or universes

6ofU is perhaps the better calculation for the edge of the 3 universes



Uas6 or Uas4 or Uas2 any of these might be seen as a number of universes

Uas2 at least for having a positive or negative universe

Uas4 granting that each of those 2 universes each will have 2 or more items in it

And Uas6 wondering where our pos/neg universes came from since nothing does not exist perhaps no zero then something was before our known universe also that you can not create anything from nothing and also that nothing is created (from nothing) or destroyed

Nothing or zero may not exist or does not according to this atomic math so there for Uas6 is more reasonable to understand that our universe came from something

So 3 real universes and calculated as Uas6 for the known universe in the simplest math other calculates can happen.


Uas72 hours in each day or uas72=one day in hours

For you can live in the past present and future in your mind there for each hour is times three. Or minute or anytime times three


Time maybe represented as 72ofU also due to it being rather a measurement or concept

And without rather than within

A day maybe represented as 72ofU

Which is without and short of infinity somehow?

The first U and last U can be seen together as UU the last U starts where the first U ends

In other words infinity can be seen vastly different in ever object inifinty may exist and without every object infinity maybe closer than you think.

Visually its like U<>U first U is lessor and last U is greater of sorts

Lessor within greater without

A day could be written 72ofUUas72

Or other calculations that you may find in abstract math

If you must have Uas24 as time you may as long as no ones or zeros are ever used




The first Une is the object itself and what is inside

The last Une is what is immediately outside the object up to infiinty

2ofUUas2 or more is the way of presenting this in formula





Base t0 perhaps has 10 digits the last and first are equal one represents infinity and the other U is 2 or more to infinity

Base 9 perhaps I have nine digits

Or base 8 since we are missing 2 digits also in real numbers

Or base 7 which it feels like to me that it is..

It perhaps is base infinity where U is zillion of things in common day language

The base of this number system is infinity its perhaps base infinity


Your math computations on any of this may vary for example time as 72ofU is wrong (Une day equals or is Uas98/99 (add one in classical math to my formula so really a day equals Uas99) in our math) we have to determine 72 places into this type of math (98) to conclude the right answer which I did not do since really I have a math block from childhood with the only math I enjoyed or rather understood in simple terms was probablity.

But this is a philosophical model only not a science math a philos. Concept of a a type of new math is all

Warning I am NOT a mathematician I am a philosopher

Some things in this paper do not add up at times I know this

Do your own calculations for the simple examples


A Galton board which I have has 3500 tiny balls in it therefor my Galton board would be Uas3501 or Uas3502 perhaps depending I have not calculated 3502/3501 yet

In abstract atomic math yet I can imagine it might double or triple 3502/1 where as  Uas5UU or 522 is in classic math is 266 so therefore  3501 perhaps I think. Could also double or triple approximately  Not sure at this point I know nothing and am learning along with you here.





In a round about way this abstract atomic math cost the government over $50K

Yes I am rather public and privately funded if you must know as are lots of people

For explaination join the secret squirrel club


.don meek


A Tom Meek


Donald K Meek

Naldo Ray Head



This is dedicated to my sister Darlene Durfee who imprisoned me  in a mental institution for similar ideas- it was that one plus one equals three in biology  U+U=3 the very beginning of this idea and since I suffered much for the original question how is it that 1+1=3 which is more a question at the time I finally got around to resolving this to this point thanks Darlene

Greatness does come from adversity. Also if I dare say that genius come with hints of madness








8/12/22 revision 2

8/12/22 revision 3

8/12/22 revision 4

8/13/22 revision 2

8/13/22 revision 3

8/13/22 revision 4

8/13/22 revision 5

8/13/22 revision 6

8/13/22 revision 7













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