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Matter and antimatter

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Matter and antimatter

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

9:42 AM

X or >----------------<


 our world of light Positive + molecules >atom>subatomic water>subatomic dust+98765432(1.0000000000000?1)(1?1) UasU.2(10?.?01)=2or(0.2)ofUas (1?1)(10000000000000?.1)23456789-negative dust<water<atoms<molecules<matter- Negative the antimatter world within/without


X is the symbol for matterXantimater

Its not times

Its better thought of or used as >+(10?.?01)-< or simply +>U.2<-

Or +>(1.1)<-

Or +>(10.01)<-

These all equal U.2

Or 2

So this can be witten


Or +>--<- as X

Or as +>U<-

+U- perhaps is the simplest way of understanding this in formula

Actually this would be the neutral Utomic (atomic) dust particle(s)

That must exist so matter and antimatter do not cancel each other out the neutral dust maybe be this cancelation of sorts where 1pos+1neg particle combined make a neutral dust


Where U=>(+1.1) and (<-1.1) both or 2 one positive one negative or both perhaps containing a neutral charge or >--< as (+1.1-) as I might formulate this

1.1 could represent a neutral charge

+2- is a way of expressing this neutral charge



With this formula there is a dark side to every matter

And a equal and oposite exactly there is you living in a dark universe where the sun shines BLACKNESS up a white word with out the lights on everything would be WHITE


That is the antimatter universe that sits WITHIN/WITHOUT everyone

Its here withIN everything and you as explained in above forumal


Where matter and antimatter meet there is a set of U.2 or more that are neutral charges between negative andn postive worlds


There is a mirror universe within you on the other side of mater as a X would suggest that the point of the center of the cross is a tiny sub particle of Utomic dust

(atomic dust)

 every move you make is repeated exactly every thought you think repeated by your Dark self on the otherside which is not you just your mirror

This all within all matter and at the cross or X where dust is the center

From the tiniest sub particle we get larger again on the otherside

Within everything is also without as a larger universe on the otherside


Its hard to imagine

The cross is important here to note

And matter and antimatter could represent Heaven and Hell in ancient wisdom

For if you were place in a antimatter world you would freek it would be hell in a way for you

Yet we are quantum entangled with this negative universe we think act exactly as our universal dark antimater twin does

Same house and home on the same planet earth and everything

2 earths 2 people one negative one positive

In art only the middle value on a grayscale chart would be the same all else would be the oposite

Colors where appear as the complents we See green here but they see ReD yet we call it red for all I know.

How emotions for one would be I have not a clue as of yet if LOVE =HATE yet we both call it love and crave it the same perhaps I not sure if emotions would work like the opposites or not

Really I KNOW nothing at this point learn along with me in your book

I have a sense of what art would look like in visual sense due to NEG or POS photons

So I know when you turn off the light all would be white as the hotest flame would appear but would not blind you due to you are now a negitive matter being in a negative matter universe

So darkness would blind you ,

you see

And shadows would all be white but to look at the blackest sun would damage your eyes


It would be hell for us

In many ways

Lets hope none of us have to live there





Where ?equals any number of zeros or none


This is the classic math equation


This rather odd philos. Brought to you by

The universal mind and the HOLY SPIRIT


My upbringing and all that I survived as well

My parents the government the whole nine yards

My environment did this for me also

You reading this might have influenced me in someway good or bad

To you I owe this honor


If you don’t get it don’t worry

I am trying to explain it in simple words

But my AUM Abstracted Utomic Math is difficult to get

Its based on that zero doesn’t exist

That a neutral charge would consist of 1 positive and one negative or 2 split into neg/pos charges or 1.1 or 1+-1 might work for a negative charge

Or +2- represents this for me

How many zeros musts I use for this to make sense to others in classic math

Where zero might be seen as neutral

+101- then is a neutral charge where the point is zero



 in classic math it would be simply j+9876543210?0123456789_

Where ? Is any or no zeros there must be at least one zero for a buffer if not 2 at minimal

the neutral zone as star trek would say


I have no clue as to how many neutral dusts might need to exist to keep either universe from decay via pos/neg collisions

There for a ? Is used

You figure it out I don’t know the answer at all

There must be at least 1 or 2 negative dusts

In classic math 1 in AUM then 2 is the answer for how many zeros perhaps

I Know nothing at this point so carry on and learn with me in your book





Love and lunch money

If you like this work contribute to my cause

Donate ask me how



Donald k meek


Donna kay meek

Dawn meek

Nod keem


The magician 19

The philosophical model

Which this is its not science ok its philos.

Its more a question also than a answer keep this in mind


.don meek


08/23/22 revision Uof2

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