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perhaps we are all conservative
yet we take things that are offbeat and outcast at times
and propose a better life that is more inclusive

of the individuals in a society

that is the liberal way

Donald Meek Donald Meek



social constrants


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how much of how we see gender is a social constrant?

mearly and not a science method

the dress for example no logical reasoning behind it other than to make meat of men

or man being HUMAN the meaning.

social contrants is mostly what our gender is perhaps. largely

we need not fear being called something unflattering on a basis of gender.

we can deal with the social contrants

if you look you will find some cultures have more than 2 genders 

it is not uncommon even i dont think for gender based on culture also

really its less science perhaps

other than known physical differences

gender is largely a social idea in the head of man and woman that we want to become like the idea the ideal


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and then also AS a Science we would have a gender XYZ

all percentages of balance of emotional psychological and even physical ballances between genders by granting them specific traits each a percent is common in sciences involved.

so we could you say have 3 at least genders or a few more than that one could calculate by sciences alone

so you could say there is a science to gender X for real

say youre 25 % female traits and 75% male traits ok perhaps youre male then?

NO  lets say  youre a female listed wouldnt that be a part of that 3rd gender by rule?
in science there are nearly infinite of rule of gender balances from 0 to 100% either direction

or is that already 200% we can calculate in or perhaps even 10000 % places if we multiply the gender by genders in stead of additive

so in that alone could find perhaps 10K places of gender in math

yet with proper testing one could score more or less that amounts of gender bias in a person

by say each question with 100 spaces of desisions

prymid this thinking of math to much higher gains

by scoring each question added or times the next 

in science one could nearly score a million i imagine in places on a map

easily enough

so yes it would be complexity

to say we only have 2 genders when science says more much more



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