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    THE MAGICIAN 19@nodkeem.com


  • Magical Musical Illusions


    MUSIC is important to this site

    please I grant you magical illusions

    help me pay for the music rights 

    975.65 USD of 4200000.00 USD Donate Now
  • Current Donation Goals

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  • My Minimalistic/EN-CODED/musical/parallels

    philosophical model 19@nodkeem

    DE-CODED CREDITS are embedded within most pieces here.


    are these my laurels showing?


    the phonetical lyric sheets are a modern form of the interpretation of tongues


    Illusions like this are in the music for me perhaps my laurels are like the color yellow here and they do NOT exist but I hear them???
    My poor laurels


Lyric: Perfect For You


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aim ee im perfect four you

ho dah

ho dah

can we go outside 

for a walk

i head don need a new guy to turn me off

be carefulee in da bathroom of the side

its scared for attention

a morgan a tally in  gasses

im not a good friend of peter la nova

shes going to hate me

but i want you so bad

i want you so fa

kiss me im not dead

ess pee dona matek

i start john play its  fast don

kena dee/kenedy

fuk me im laurel

fuk you un morgan

rape  all you

but ive been thru/ dnow

if you only knew

ho dah

ho dah

aye bee im perfect 4 U

ho ahhh haa

baby im perfect for you

honey an a oneyie

with relaxx

ooo the doors ann/doris day

cowboy tights

en er taining mooo am you stink/think

am waxing/back stage

deplaying deplaying

an eye can betraying

im not a good friend of peter la nova

hes going to hate me

but i want you so bad

i want you so ban

kiss im mot dead

eff bee donald meek

i star star play its fast don


fuk me im laurel

fuk YOU ieyem oregan

rape for you

but i fell down

eff you only new

ho dah

ho dah

aye-bee eyem perfect for you

ho dahhhhhhaaaaa

aimee eyemm perfect for you

the lil dance was crazy

even those the stars align

your show me isnot crazy (the credit card)

im in the planet so on with the planet

but eye can do a sheen keen move from the spanard

oh ah donna

kiss me im not dead

keith me donal maak

iam star star play its fast don


touch me im laurel

fuk U eye m more gone

rape for you when i get thru

if you only new

hol on

hol ahh

aim mee eye m perfect for you

 code on /oh dahh

amy im perfect for you


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  • Administrators

no two humans are alike not in vision emotion sensibilities chemistry dna history or future are all individual antennas in the receptor transmitters in our brain hooked up to the fabric of our universe to all matter we are ONE with everything as a unit and whole a unit verse if you will.. ONE Monotheistic GOD of nature and the genius of the beings with us all in space-time matter we swim in an ocean of thought with our freqs and vibes attuned. seek the void for there is near heaven..

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come join me and =BEE dee NO+wear man seek the void zero null and void not even dull just where true bliss calm peace love and joy of GOD of the universe existances

find pure joy here

ask me for details

peach on herb

dona kair peach meek


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