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    DEV>Adopt #03_ [Closed]

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    A special character, she is a combination of rubies and purple pearls. I really wish the beautiful girl to find a good owner.!!!!

    Please give me ideas about the type of characters who you love, I will be happy to do them for the following auctions.
    Rarity: SSR
    Star! SB : $45
    Star! MI:  $5
    Star! AB: $ --
    Bullet; Yellow Pay with Paypal only
    Bullet; Yellow  Auction will end 4 days after last person bid
    Bullet; Yellow Comment in ''bid here'' if you are interested Heart
    Bullet; Yellow Only serious bids please.
    Bullet; Yellow I will contact the winner after the auction ends, please be sure you can send the payment via Paypal within 24 hours after winning confirmation. I will re-open the auction again if the winner doesn't get back.
    Bullet; Yellow The winner will get file ".png" with full size. Transparent background without watermark.
    Bullet; Yellow You are allowed to change anything such as give a name, color, history, adding accessories, personality, add scar etc...Trade, gift are okay. but the right to the artwork is mine, please credit me when using.
    Bullet; Yellow  No re-sell. Don't use my original art for commercial purpose.
    Bullet; Yellow Please credit the original design to :icontwinphanminh:
    Bullet; Yellow Please do not copy, use, or reference without permission of me and the owner.
    *****I accept payment plan for 4-5 weeks (from $ 200 and up).

    Thank you very much for bidding and comment.Heart 
    +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav +fav 
    adopt is opening:
    Adopt #04_ [Open] by TwinPhanMinh
    journal.gif?2 COMMISSION 2020 (8-2020) (OPEN)RUDE COMMISSION
    * I use Paypal only.
    * Payment need to be sent before I start working. Please send  me a note after you send the payment with your DA’s name on  it so I can check. 
    * Commission arts are for personal use only. 
    * Please do not rush me. (i have real life issues to care too and  i'm a slow worker! ).
    * I will not refund if you cancel the order.
    * Please understand if I decline your commission.
    * Pls behave nicely & friendly - no rude words or trolling.
    * I accept installments if payment is completed within 3 to 4  months.
    * Pls no tracing, copying, editting, stealing, reselling.
    * I have a right to upload it on my website/my Gallery, if you  don't want to public -it, i won’t post your commission in my  web. 
    * The character credit is belonged to you totally, you may use it  for everything but only NON-PROFITING purposes please.
    * Please don't wipe my sign on the picture.
    * Pls feel free to ask if u have questions.
    During work, I will send you turn 3 steps
    Step1: sketck 
    Step2: base color
    Step3: Finish the work  (i just fix 1 time for step1 and step2, step3 doesn't fix)* Special: You are not allowed to change ur order(s) or anything else after the sketch is passed.Also, you are not allowed to change ur order(s) to different char(s) / design(s) after i accept ur commission(s). A few minor changes can be reconsidered if i think they're reasonable enough and don't affect my work schedule. PORTRAIT COMMISSION
    Simple Portrait (No BG): 100usd /1Char+10 usd for simple BG like in the example + 80$ for additional character (max 2 char)  DECORATIVE PORTRAIT :   150 usd/1Char + decorative details (flower, star, sparkle...) and simple BG included *Note: complicated character details can be charged more. (just in case your order has armor, wings, big headdress or so + Double for additional character (max 2 char) like in the example. FULL BODY (limit):  [6 slot]
    225usd/1 char + 30$ for simple BG(flower, star, sparkle, sky...)  like in the exampleDouble for additional character(max 2 char) .
    ***The first 3 full body slots will get $ 10 off per order (due to the influence of covid-19) CHIBI COMMISSION
    80usd /1Char no BG   Double for additional character(max 2 char) -------Form---------Send me a note with the info & the title "Commission" 
    -DeviantART ID: 
    -Name character: 
    -Username/E-mail in paypal: 
    -Type of Drawing you want: 
    -Total Price:  
    -Character Description/References:
    - Character pose  
    If you have questions, please feel free to ask.
    *** I'll draw...  
    - Original characters
    - Fanarts  
    - Light anthro [Some animal parts such as eyes, ears, tail, etc.] 
    *** I don't draw... 
    - Realistic
    - Muscle char
    - R18+  
    - Vehicles and Mechanicals  
    - Gore/Violence (a bit blood is ok).


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