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  • While there are eternal truths such as gravity exists but why? (theory/model/faith) yet life is a series of half-truths that create an understanding or an illusion of preference  for each of us when added up making what some call that faith theory or modeling.

  • My personal opinion is that I am HALF right, and you are HALF wrong.
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A worship piece for the more night-born entities. A lot in my life I've focused on positive entities, ones with higher frequency or elemental energies. I respect the dark ones all the same, but not many in particular have I spoke with or seen any to be curious or after my attention. I suppose that's a bit of their nature. They respect themselves far too much (or what some would call pride) to actively seek followers and wait for those to notice them...a tenuous relationship at best with most of them, sometimes abusive depending on which dark one in particular you have an attachment to.

I have three. The first is the Aspect of Death.

With my on-going depression, I suffered a lot of emotional and mental trauma. Sometimes physical, but that usually didn't matter to me too much. I have a sick desire sometimes for physical pain. Not permanent or really damaging pain, but pain nonetheless. I had seen into the Void before and I see the existential door before all living things. That in death, new life begins. Both in a sense of reincarnation, but the also eventual, final life, where I believe events much like Revelations will take place. Death in specific has a bond with me. I have purpose in my physical existence and I am here to learn things, accept them and ease the suffering of others.

As a result, up until now, I've survived things I shouldn't have. It's actually really hard to say if I worship him or if he worships Life...I don't know. As you can imagine, Death doesn't have too much of a persona from the murky perceptions about her in the world. That's indeed correct, I said *she*. One of the more accepted beliefs of Death is that it is female. Methodical, calculating, watchful, precise and mostly unpredictable. Prime qualities of a woman...while men are more primal, gut instinctive and take large risks. These are of course, stereotypes and not the rule, so just keep that in mind.

The second is one that I've had...reservations in the past talking about, but she's exposed herself in more ways than one. Going so far as to have her own physical body in this world. Can't say who though, that's a secret I must keep as one of her Warlocks. In some of my past lives, I believe I acquired other souls. One of these such souls was a male, vampiric, prince known as Valdorius von Ritesliar. His family came from a noble cast, who once belonged to a sacred coven. They used their powers for wealth and power and were soon classified as "Oathbreakers".

The Oathbreakers are essentially the Ritesliar, but Ritesliar is not all of the Oathbreaker family. There have been many, many an Oathbreaker, and the typical curse was that when one became an Oathbreaker, they were sentenced to the Earth and became Vampires. Some of the more prominent families however, were able to remain on their own world. Ritesliar was one of those families, though almost hunted to oblivion. Valdorius joined me in an attempt to save our world from negative energy breaking it down.

Because of this soul within me, I have an inborn connection to some of the first and foremost Oathbreakers. Most of them can claim a tenuous relationship with Dracul, not Dracula, as Dracula, while he exists in the metaphysical, is not as strong as the true figures. What HAS been stronger, are ancient and repeated images that share qualities, an example being Lilith.

An icon of darkness in a woman's heart, that most would consider these days, in both literary and pop-culture terms, Mother of Vampires and had many daughters that would be worshipped like Queens. So many literary works have expounded on the female power of the Vampire while males tend to be simply Warriors and Vassals. In some cases, only the Priestesses were allowed to create more children and some Vampire Goddesses have entermingled with other dark residents, such as Spider Goddesses like Lolth, or Lloth, that I also bend too.

Spiders became a kindred animal of my own and I value spiders preciously as I would children of my own, as such I share some of their traits. My depth perception is ridiculous and my Third chakra is almost always open as a result...and unfortunately, "spinning-webs" as it were, I grew up being a pathological liar and made intricate stories that tied to other events, most truths with only some half-truths, to make compelling arguments and stories. As I grew older it became tiresome which meant I would slip up and land myself in hot water. These days I tend to be more brutally honest and simply bite.

The Vampire Goddess I know has the manipulation of shadows on her edge, allurance or charming effects, nocturnal energy and a propensity to use both Full Moon energy and Blood Energy, just to name a few of her gifts. She can leech into other forms of herself spread across myth and medium as she has been a quite popular Goddess recently and can take on luck changing properties; such Nocturne of Skyrim who's inspiration was both Lady Luck figures and Lilith or Nyx from Greek mythology. It's because she shares all these links with them that give her quite an amount of power.

With the low degree of vibrations in the world today, severely limiting all beings, the best we can do here is tap auric energy from people. Some can only do it with touch, while others like myself or the Goddess, can draw energy from a distance. In the case of touch, some know how to make the experience erotic and overpowering, especially for females. If the thirst is great enough, it can take energy from everyone within a few square-miles, though she says she can do it for a hundred and I believe her. This power can be used to both enhance chi as well as take chi from others or use it as more effective, spiritual programming. 

For now, she is known only as "Madame" to me...and that's enough~

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  • In my opinion, I am HALF right, and you are HALF wrong. Let's part ways. Each of us is taking our HALF LIFE in peace.
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