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DEV>A long and neon creature


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Oh boy, I've been busy in the last days setting up stuff... but I found some time to post this cool experiment I did in my free time! Plus, it's got some pretty cool context! :]

This creature was created inside a Mermay-themed Aggie @/tumiexoxo hosted inside Artfol! I hadn't drawn anything for Mermay during the month of May, so I knew I had to grab such opportunity to take off some of that guilt lol. However, despite drawing this neon being entirely with Aggie's tools, I actually liked the design so much I felt like turning it into a piece of its own, by drawing a background for it on Krita!

But backgrounds are still a challenge for me, even flat ones that have the illusion of depth :'D I don't draw them much because they tend to be very fiddly with perspective and lighting, though I'm trying to change that with the comic panels I've been drawing (small steps, but I hope to grow more adventurous lol). It wasn't easy to get this one to look good on a single attempt, I had to redraw the shapes and tweak the colors a handful of times, plus the blending modes were acting up... but my effort paid off in a way I can define as, well, charmingly fun, and I'm very satisfied! ^^

And like I suspected, my style is definitely changing... but for the better! I couldn't be happier with how that style approach turned out, since it pretty much stays consistent from a software to another, while having some noisy n' textured charm to it. Could I be finding the vibes I wanted to get all this time? I think so! :star: 

Lastly, I used an edited rough pencil brush in Krita for the BG, and inside Aggie, I only used the two brushes I'd set up previously in our two canvases and the bucket tool with the "smart" function toggled on (no more weird edges, everything gets properly covered!)

(Oh! And here's the Aggie link if you wanna see the full picture, even if it's closed for good - aggie.io/23l5b6a74_ )

I hope you enjoyed how this neon experiment turned out! I had lots of fun working on it, and btw... stay tuned for some freshly baked OC refs! >;]

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