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perhaps we are all conservatives yet we take the things that are offbeat and outcast at times and propose a better life that is more inclusive of the individuals in a society that is the liberal way


Let us not  be judged for drink, meat, or Sabbaths

Please consider Legalizing Kanna Bosm

for Religious purposes

Also for Health Concerns

and release Cannabis for Science study

make HEMP a normal Crop

and make all cannabis legal.


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    Welcome to Seattle Art Colony. we are a collective of artists. This site is formed by the people who are on it. The members rule the site. all people are welcome. Artists of any degree are encouraged to join. Writers we could use a few more of. and clowns we love it when you not sure if you are a artist or writer. We would love to believe all are artists writers and clowns. Clowns are a special group. I hope you will join up on site and become a regular poster of art and wit. you are welcome to have a forum club or art gallery catagory. You may also just post where ever you like and join in all areas.


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  • One Foot in Doughnut Hell
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  • Saint Sebastian
  • Saint  Reperata
  • Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Saint Brigit
  • Memory of the Kiss- Homage to Klimpt
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